Virtual Reality (VR)

VR looks exciting, where can I get a viewer?  We have been asked this question a lot lately.

Our Applecore VR Cardboard viewer v2.0 is a ready made/pre assembled deluxe unit for architectural design studios. Transform your smartphone into a full interactive  experience with VR for architecture.

The sensation of actually being inside a building makes virtual reality an incredibly powerful tool for communicating design intent.

Our fold-out cardboard viewer is intended as a low-cost system to encourage interest and development in virtual reality applications such as the award winning BIMx app.

This viewer has also been designed to accommodate your own branding to enable distribution to your clients and includes:-

  • Outer removable sleeve for storing
  • Conductive touch button for simulating screen tap
  • 34mm bi-convex lenses – perfect for viewing BIMx content
  • Rubber band to keep the mobile device in position
  • Velcro spots for closing the lid on the unit
  • Applecore Designs VR Viewer profile
The v2.0 cardboard fits up to 5.5” screen size phones.

The conductive mesh on the top is actually a quite ingenious design.  It’s a foil push button!

“Simple, cheap and great fun, the Applecore VR Cardboard Viewer is perfect for anyone who wants to give VR a whirl and combined with the free BIMx app will not break the bank”

Since you are unable to touch your phone’s screen while it is inside the v2.0 unit , we have provided this interface to enable interaction with the virtual environment.

Clients want to use it, so they need to know how to get it into their hot little hands. Order your viewer here!