Our ARCHICAD Calculator lists our top Productivity Improvements, Collaboration and Performance benefits. In order for you to identify what additional functionality you can expect when you upgrade, please choose your current version using the slider below.

Productivity Improvements
Dark Mode Support on Mac
Refined Polyline Editing
New Residential Furniture Elements
Model Compare
Model Checking
MEP Openings
Integrated MEP Modeller
Updated Grasshopper Live Connection
Tab Previews and Overview
Action Centre
New Startup Dialog
Surface Catalog Content
Building Material Classifications and Properties
Curtain Wall Louvre Panels
Connected Slabs
Floor Plan Representation of Beams
Vertically Curved Beams
Circular Beam Structure
Updated Beam and Column Tools
Opening Tool
Trackpad Support for Mac
Updated Model View Options Dialog
Updated Attribute Manager
Expression Defined Property Values
Railing Tool Enhancements
Geometry Modifiers in Complex Profiles
Stair Tool Enhancements
Renewed Curtain Wall Tool
3D Styles
Improved schedule formatting
Collision detection between model elements
Advanced element classification
Touch Bar Support for Apple MacBook Pro
Magic Wand Feedback
Multiply Enhancements
Improved Dashed Line Handling
Curtain Wall 2D Edit Mode
Dimensioning improvements
Selective Parameter Transfer
Improved Stepped Sections/Elevations
Editing Section/Elevation Boundaries
Consistent Text Styles
Railing Tool
New Stair Tool
Door/Window Improvements
Two-Point Perspective
Improved Rhino NURBS Import
Improved CineRender Shaders
CineRender Reflectance
Element Previews in Schedules
Graphic Overrides
User-Defined Properties
Improved Library Management
Copy settings between tabs
Graphical favourites
New vectorial Icons
Refreshed user interface
Simplified Door/Window Interface
Export Element Information to BIMx
Improved Collision Detection
Schedule of Finishes
Multiple Linked Labels
Associative Level Dimensions
Multi-line Dimension Text
Automatic Dimensioning of Storeys
Dimensions Improvements
Unified Window Mode (Mac)
Improved Snap Points
Permanent Guide Lines
Snap Guides
Surface Painter
Tab Bar
Improved Door/Window Symbols
Expanded Building Material Tags
Improved Collision Detection
Transparent Air Gap Materials
Edit Multiple Elements Simultaneously
Enhanced Mark-Up Features
Enhanced PDF Support
Interior Elevation Improvements
Revision Management
Building Material Library
White model effect rendering
IES Support
Modeless Rendering Palette
Professional Visualisation
One-Step Renovation Status Update for All Elements
Core-Based Reference Line
Smarter Attribute Management
Improved Zone Creation
Duplicate Elements in Section
Floor Plan-Based 3D Document
Improved Door/Window Placement
Additional Sidelight Options
Improved Door/Window Reveals
Intuitive Element Creation in 3D Window
Curved Beams
Model-based Solar Irradiation Study
Enhanced Energy Evaluation
Real-time 3D Cutting Planes
Intelligent Building Materials
Element Association to Storey Heights
Improved Morph for Conceptual Design
Automatic Model-Based Junctions
Door Improvements
Window Improvements
New lamp, plumbing and 2D people libraries
Assign Thermal Properties to ArchiCAD Fills
Improved Split Command
Snap to Surface
Improved Custom Creation of Library Parts
Improved Object Search
New BIM Components Portal
Integrated Energy Evaluation
Enhanced Texture Alignment
Object Editing
Morph Tool
New parametric Door, Window and Object libraries
Improved 3D Selection Display
Improved Skylights
Improved IFC interface
In-Place Feedback and Management for All Connections
Intelligent Element Connections
Editing Planes
Improved Guidelines
Renovation and Refurbishment
Shell Tool
Multi-Plane Roof Tool
Teamwork "solo" mode
Teamwork "Pack & Go"
Improved handling of Schedules
Dimension text prefix/suffix
Extended options for Doors & Windows
Refined management of Object Libraries
Improved Curtain Wall Editing
Improved "Find & Select"
Improved Object Handling
Dynamic "Fit in Window"
Intelligent "Soft" Insulation
Improvements for Slabs/Roofs
Orientated Views
Enhanced Automatic Dimensioning
Annotated Schedule Drawings
Dimension Input Logic
"Align" & "Distribute"
Fill Enhancements
3D Document
StairMaker Enhancements
Curtain Wall
Pen Sets in Views
Enhanced Project Navigator
Enhanced Drawing Marker
Quantities of Individual Elements Components
Line Work & Fill Consolidations
Multistory Hotlinked Modules
Complex Elements Geometry
Worksheet Tool
Interior Elevations
Visual Compare
Virtual Trace
ARCHICAD option sets in Excel
Import and Use Revit Families
Geometry Exchange with Revit
File Storage and Management on BIMcloud
BIMcloud as Multi-Disciplinary Model Hub
Support for BCF 2.1
Issue Management
Change Tracking
Structural Analysis Format (SAF)
Structural Analytical Model
Interoperability of the New Openings
Interoperability with Complex Beams and Columns
Import of IFC Properties as ARCHICAD Properties
IFC Hotlinks, Classification and Property Management in Hotlinks
Improved Exchange with Green Software
3DM (Rhino File) Import-Export
Coloured IFC Elements
IFC4 Import-Export
Mass Import of Element Property Data
Network Diagnostic Tool
Export IFC Data to BIMx
Streamlined IFC data mapping of Object Parameters
Update with IFC Model
Improved Import of MEP Models
ID Management of IFC Spatial Elements
Attribute Handling for IFC Import
IFC Exact Geometry Import
Point Cloud Display
Labeling IFC Data
New IFC Scheme Management
BIM Collaboration Format Support
Messaging with Views
BIMx Desktop Features
Browser-Based Server Management
Efficient DWG Block Export
Export ArchiCAD Model to STL Format
IFC Publishing
Extended IFC Support
BIMx Incorporated
Smarter DXF/DWG Data Exchange
Improved Site Geometry Import
IFC Property Management Improvements
Effective IFC data handling in Teamwork
Simplified Model Export
Improved IFC Model Change Detection
Direct import of site-survey data
Model-based version tracking
DWG Enhancements
Direct link to Structural and MEP applications
Refined model mapping
Data Exchange with Engineers
Partial Structure Display
Upgraded Grasshopper Connection Performance
Faster IFC Import/Export
Store Only Visible Parts of Linked Drawings
Rebuild Only the Changes
Faster Rebuild of Views
Faster Switch Between Tabs
Open Project Faster
Faster & Smoother 2D Navigation
Updated Maxon Cinerender Engine
Improved Physical Renderer
Server Communication Improvements
Drawing Update Enhancement
Retina Displays
Background Processing for Model Views
Optimised OpenGL Engine
Multiprocessing and Background Processing for Rendering
Optimised Scaling of Multiple-core CPUs
Background Processing Support
Improved Central Graphics Unit Performance
Faster Hotlink Updates
Expanded Teamwork Backup Options
Further BIM Server Optimisations
Faster IFC import/export
Full 64-bit support on MacOS
Improved Autosave
Performance optimizations
BIM Server Performance Monitor
Shadows in Open GL
64-bit Support for Windows
Hotlink Module Management
Enhanced Selection/Editing Feedback
Link Construction Elements to Stories