ARCHICAD Office Standards & Management

This course is designed to take the lead architects and BIM manager and develop their ARCHICAD document and project management skills. This will help ensure projects run efficiently and office standards are implemented and adhered to.

Course Delivery

These instructor-led small groups of no more than five attendees take place in our dedicated training centre in Birmingham, or onsite at your office or studio.


One day.


A working knowledge of MacOS or Windows operating systems including the ability to navigate through the file system to create, manage and manipulate files.

A knowledge and understanding of the capabilities and project workflow within ARCHICAD.

Course Outline

  • Work Environment (including interface, data safety and shortcut options).
  • Company standard ‘favourites’.
  • Window / door schedule schemes.
  • Library management.
  • Tool default settings.
  • Dimension preferences.
  • Element attribute customisation (layers, lines, fills, zones, pen sets etc).
  • Default view set structure.
  • Cloned folders and folder naming.
  • Company drawing ID standards.
  • Company title blocks and layout sheets.
  • Publisher sets and drawing issue.
  • Change management and revision tools.