Object Creation in ARCHICAD (GDL)

This course is designed to be an introduction to architects and designers without prior GDL scripting experience, to help create objects in house for use in their own use.

By attending this course, you will have the opportunity to learn various aspects of object creation including GDL scripting.

Course Delivery

These instructor-led small groups of no more than five attendees take place in our dedicated training centre in Birmingham, or  onsite at your office or studio.


Two days, delivered consecutively.


A working knowledge of MacOS or Windows operating systems including the ability to navigate through the file system to create, manage and manipulate files.

A working knowledge of the ARCHICAD project workflow and the ability to create a building model.

Course Outline

  • The GDL Scripter interface.
  • Basic 3D shapes and geometry
  • Cursor position and coordinates
  • 2D projections from 3D.
  • 2D symbol views.
  • 2D geometry and scripting.
  • Defining attributes.
  • Utilising parameters.
  • Saving objects from 2D and 3D views.
  • Introduction to Subroutines.
  • Calculations and trigonometry in GDL.
  • Parametric options and IF statements.
  • Subroutines and loops.
  • Resolution and level of detail
  • Stretchy objects and hotspots
  • Introduction to the Graphical User Interface
  • Subtypes
  • Object Preview images
  • Library container files