Award Winning Energy Efficient Family Home

ARCHICAD users John McCall Architects are a Liverpool-based architectural practice currently celebrating their 25th Anniversary. Designing all forms of  energy efficient housing for sale or letting, along with commercial and community architecture, focused on the aspirations of clients, users, and residents. They believe that sustainability should be central to every proposal, this... more

Affordable PassivHaus

Using PassivHaus construction principles to create affordable, energy efficient homes. Axis Design Architects is a Birmingham based architect and urban designer firm with a reputation across the West Midlands as a leader in the field of social housing design and construction. We work on projects of all scales; from urban design and master planning, estate and neighbourhood... more

Rural Regeneration Centre

The Rural Regeneration Centre in Kent, designed using , is the UK’s First Certified Passivhaus Educational Building. The drive for sustainable architecture is pushing architects to develop designs that not only deliver on appearance but also take account of energy consumption, carbon emissions and operational costs. This requires the modelling of intricate detail, with sustainable... more