OpenBIM data for Facilities Management

Guest Bloggers Rob Jackson and Ben Wallbank look at how clients need to focus on the long term benefits of data for their assets. Introduction The UK Government has defined three deliverables for publicly procured projects. These are PDF, native models and COBie (see diagram below). PAS 1192-2:2013 sets out the process for the production of these deliverables. Key to PAS 1192-2 is... more

Clash detection – is it just about models?

The clash detection process involves collaboration and the management of that process. The CIC BIM protocol assumes that someone other than the BIM manager will be responsible. "Clash detection is potentially seen as one of the great benefits of the BIM Level 2 process" states Tim Willis of Trowers & Hamlins' solicitors. "As the individual author models are federated, clashes... more

BIM interview with Tom Jacques of Jacques Partnership

“There is, quite possibly, a leveller playing field for practices of any scale  to play a meaningful role. If they’re able to step up to the challenge and embrace the new ways of working Tom Jacques, Jacques Partnership Q: Tell us a bit about the size and scope of Jacques Partnership Tom Jacques: We’ve been active since 2000. Much of our work is with existing and... more