Implementation – Are you ready for BIM?

The implementation of BIM Level 2 on Government projects  means that all public building projects will only be given to firms that have embrace the process. We have written a five-part series to explain the change that BIM will bring and how to prepare your practice implementation for this. A quick overview of what these posts are about can be seen below: Part 1: What is... more

BIM are you ready Part 5: Preparing ARCHICAD for COBie

When it comes to preparing model data and exporting to COBie, ARCHICAD users can guarantee that the resulting COBie file will be 100% accurate. Not just Graphisoft's say so, but confirmed in the buildingSMART alliance documents challenge which reported in 2014 that ARCHICAD 17 fulfilled 100% of the COBie requirements. And before this, in 2013, ARCHICAD was the first architectural... more

BIM are you ready Part 3: COBie

COBie is one of the elements of BS 1192-4:2014, which defines the methodology for the transfer of structured information between parties relating to both building and infrastructure assets. It lays down rules for the design and construction phases prior to handover that can be utilised effectively by clients’ portfolio managers, asset and facility managers. It helps them to specify... more

ARCHICAD is 100% COBie compliant

Bill East, the inventor of COBie, has been working with Rob Jackson, Associate Director of Bon Bryan Architects, to simulate in ARCHICAD the early design of one of four dormitories on a fictitious site adjacent to the University of Illinois, Champaign, IL. This model is based on a publicly released set of concept drawings and was developed as if it were for a real client. The goal was... more

BIM are you ready Part 2: BIM Level 2

The BIM Level 2 deadline relates to all public sector projects, irrespective of whether departments that don't commence until after the deadline or that may not be ready to procure by that date. Architects, contractors and sub-contractors - and all other supply chain members - must prove they have the capability and can commence to deliver Level 2 processes. Level 1: The traditional... more