Cyber Monday 2020

The last official day of a long, deal-heavy weekend, Cyber Monday or Applecore Blue Monday as we like to call it (30 November this year) gives you a chance to buy items on your shopping list from the comfort of your working environment. Despite not officially celebrating Thanksgiving, the UK has embraced this US shopping tradition in the last few years and Cyber Monday has become one... more

Importing manufacturers data into ARCHICAD objects

BIM is now mandatory on all public-sector contracts meaning that it is vital for the supply chain and manufacturers of construction products to become engaged in the BIM process. There are a number of clear and important reasons why building product manufacturers should embrace BIM, incorporating object data development into their marketing and business models. Intelligent BIM... more

Simple Zone Stamp

Following the release of ARCHICAD 20, we are making a number of improvements and compatibility updates to our ARCHICAD object libraries. Due to changes to how objects can store "global" parameters, it is recommended to check the compatibility of your objects with version 20. The Applecore Simple Zone Stamp object has now been updated, taking into account the above changes, as well... more

The Eight Pillars of BIM Level 2 – Part Two

The original mandate for Level 2 Building Information Modelling (BIM) incorporated seven pillars. Since the publication of PAS 1192-5:2015 there are now arguably eight pillars which make up a Level 2 BIM project. In order to be truly Level 2 BIM compliant here are the remaining four processes and associated documents that should be incorporated into your projects. Pillar Five - BIM... more

ARCHICAD 20 – Information management

An ARCHICAD model can be described as a central BIM database that stores all project data and makes it accessible to any project stakeholder. Previous ARCHICAD versions have provided diverse data definition options, with different limitations. Now, ARCHICAD 20 introduces ARCHICAD Element Properties: a robust foundational technology for future BIM data management in the ARCHICAD... more