Solibri Model Checker

Solibri Model Checker is the leader in BIM Quality Assurance and Quality Control. Providing out of the box tools for BIM validation, compliance control, design process coordination, design review, analysis and code checking.

The Federated Model ensures that discipline is responsible for the creation, development and change management of their model, and where responsibilities, ownership, level of detail is clearly defined, in particular to BIM level 2 requirements. Solibri Model Checker support this workflow, importing and checking multiple IFC files i.e. from the architect, structural engineer, and mechanical engineer.

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Advanced clash detection and management

Automatically analyse and group clashes according to severity. Find relevant problems quickly and easily, and investigate the quality of your BIM files.

Solibri Model Checker - clash detection

Deficiency detection

Prevent issues in advance by utilising Solibri Model Checker’s logical analysis to search for components and materials missing from the model.

Solibri Model Checker - deficiency detection

Model verification

Use Solibri Model Checker’s rule-based analysis to locate flaws and exceptions in models made by different design teams. Avoid expensive rework by ensuring that each model works with the other imported models, and corresponds to the brief.

Solibri Model Checker - model verification

Managing changes

Manage and track changes between different design versions of the same model. Save time with easy visualisation and verification of model changes.

Solibri Model Checker - verification of model changes

Instant BIM data mining

After ensuring the quality of information in BIM designs, utliise Solibri Model Checker’s instant information takeoff. Use multiple report templates that best suit your role or customise the information takeoff as required. Measure spaces and materials on the fly and communicate with others.

Solibri Model Checker - instant BIM data mining

Solibri Model Checker Licencing

For more information about Solibri Model Checker licencing or any other aspect of Solibri, please contact us on +44 (0) 121 447 7788 or by using the contact form opposite.