Renovation favourites from RIBA Awards

RIBA have recently announced their shortlists for the RIBA Regional Awards, consisting of two hundred and twenty-six completed projects across the UK.

We decided to create our own sub-categories and pick a select few that stood out to us, listing below our renovation design project shortlist.

Buckley Gray Yeoman – Dept W

Buckley Gray Yeoman renovated a former department store in Whitechapel, refurbishing original features to create an office space, and adding a first-floor extension.

Renovation favourites from RIBA Awards - Buckley Gray Yeoman

The ground and basement levels contain a reception, café, auditorium, meeting rooms, and a gym. The plot was once owned by Spiegelhalter’s Jewellers, the original design for Dept W involved replacing the façade with a sculpture, however BGY chose to conserve the original façade to commemorate the story of the site.

Buckley Gray Yeoman – Eccleston Yards

Buckley Gray Yeoman has transformed a previously derelict car park between Victoria and Belgravia into what is now Eccleston Yards.

Renovation favourites from RIBA Awards - Buckley Gray Yeoman

The project required renovating five existing ground level buildings into nineteen retail and gallery plots, whilst also providing a fresh public courtyard and pedestrian routes for neighbouring street connections. To create a mix of traditional and contemporary aesthetics, Buckley Gray Yeoman have selected timber and metal for finishings.

Fletcher Crane Architects – Oxhey Hall Farm – Barn Renovation

Fletcher Crane Architects had renovated a barn in Oxhey into a five bedroom family home.

Renovation favourites from RIBA Awards - Fletcher Crane Architects

Originally, the barns were completely derelict, however Fletcher Crane Architects have repurposed them in a way to live a long, sustainable future. The barns have been re-clad, concrete floor pulls the space together and at the end of the main barn, the timber is layered with a full wall of translucent panels to accept warm, subtle lighting into the home.

Napier Clarke Architects – Samarkand

Napier Clarke Architects have transformed a 1970’s reclaimed London yellow brick home with a grey plastic gable to create a contemporary family home and extend the life of the building.

Renovation favourites from RIBA Awards - Napier Clarke Architects

The section of roof between the gable and the original house was removed to create the image of two distinct forms, the initial brick, and the new charred timber.

Due to the home being in the Chiltern Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Napier Clarke Architects kept in mind that the renovation should conserve and enhance the surroundings.

The interior of the house was reworked by occupying the garage and reconfiguring the internal spaces, to provide the feel of a larger living space without extending the property.

Sanchez Benton – Lock Keepers Cottage Renovation

Sanchez Benton renovated the lock keeper’s cottage on the Regent’s Canal rather than demolishing in order to preserve the existing qualities of the property.

Our favourites from RIBA Awards - Sanchez Benton

Due to the foundations of the cottage being challenged by the willow trees, the design process had to work closely with the structural engineer to develop the stability of the property with use of beams to support the leaning structure. Sanchez Benton have allowed the house to fully open up with windows and doors folding back in delightful weather.

Earlier this year, we announced our own 25th Anniversary Awards and the individual category winners can be found here