ARCHICAD overcomes unique ‘Planning Challenge’ for ArchiWildish

ArchiWildish Ltd used ARCHICAD to overcome a unique planning challenge for a disabled client in Warwickshire.

Mark Wildish MCIAT is a Chartered Architectural Technologist and founder Director at ArchiWildish Ltd. Mark informed Applecore Designs how his client, a wheelchair-bound paraplegic, could not access the rooms upstairs in the barn conversion he lived in with his wife and their three children. Unfortunately, it was not possible to adapt the barn conversion further.

The family’s original idea was to build a house in the place of the adjoining steel barn. However, the structure did not have planning permission and it was not an existing dwelling that could be knocked down and replaced. In addition, planning policy at the time did not allow for new builds in open countryside. ArchiWildish therefore had to find an innovative solution.

archiwildish bimx

After applying for Class MB approval to establish the possibility of a dwelling in this location, ArchiWildish looked at designing a house with full disabled access that would convert the existing barn.

Mark Wildish says “I decided that the best approach would be to go down into the ground to gain the extra height needed to provide the level of accommodation required and decided that sticking to the same height and dimensions of the existing barn was our best hope of approval.”

A car lift was to be incorporated in an underground garage to allow users to drive in, park and then access the other floors of the house via an internal personal lift. Sinking it down into the ground in order to achieve the accommodation level required meant that this would be a radical solution that would be difficult to convey to the client let alone convince the planners and other interested parties.

With the use of ARCHICAD, ArchiWildish were able to produce 3D views and high quality renders to illustrate design intent. Showing the design in the mobile presentation .app BIMx made it easy to communicate specific details of the design, not only to the client but also to planning officials and local residents.

Mark explains “ARCHICAD made the presentation of the proposals more informative, in particular to councillors on the planning committee and the commenting general public. The ability to show various views of the proposals certainly helped people to understand the concept much easier.”

One of the other main benefits of using ARCHICAD with this particular project was being able to design the house with the use of mapped terrain information in 3D, which meant being able to work out how the different levels and subterranean aspects worked.

archiwildish elevation

The planning application process for this project was lengthy, and the decision by the planning committee was deferred initially. After making some changes to the access arrangements, ArchiWildish finally received the go-ahead following the second committee meeting in November 2016.

Apart from very initial sketches, all work undertaken by ArchiWildish is carried out using ARCHICAD. Applecore Designs has a long-standing relationship with Mark Wildish, supplying ARCHICAD licences and training to ArchiWildish. The studio finds the design software essential for giving clients informative 3D views that can be revised easily upon discussion with the client.

According to Mark Wildish “…most projects / clients these days expect to see 3D views for their design and ARCHICAD is a very effective tool for delivering attractive consistent quality work and this in turn helps with studio branding.”

Consistent quality of work is important to ArchiWildish for another reason too. Since much of the work undertaken by ArchiWildish goes out into the public domain, Mark has seen many new clients contact the studio because they have seen his work on planning websites.

With regard to this particular project, lateral thinking and the right design tools helped ArchiWildish navigate through the planning system and demonstrate their innovative design solution with ease. Confident that the new home will make a huge difference to their clients, ArchiWildish are very proud of their achievements.