Metric Design Architecture turn to Archicad

Architectural technologist Daniel Poole set up Metric Design Architecture in 2020 amid the global Covid-19 pandemic. To date, the practice has specialised in residential extensions, new build housing for developers and small-scale commercial projects.

Metric Design Architecture turn to Archicad

Previously employed at Quattro Design, Daniel had instigated the practice’s switch to Archicad. The studio started out on Archicad 16, with Daniel in the BIM team.

After his time with Quattro Design, Daniel joined Roberts Limbrick where he used Revit on PC. While on furlough leave, Daniel had started to do some private extensions. When work started to build up, Daniel admitted he knew it would be so much quicker on a Mac with Archicad.

“I decided to look into buying a new laptop and an Archicad license. I contacted Applecore Designs and they told me about the extended free trial scheme for Archicad. This was perfect timing in helping me to make the jump to set up on my own.”

Archicad’s usability

After qualifying, Daniel began using Autocad 2D. Since then, he has used Vectorworks, Archicad and briefly Revit.

“Before joining Roberts Limbrick I had always wanted to give Revit a try as it is so widely used within the industry. However, I found it very restrictive in comparison to Archicad.”

Metric Design Architecture

Daniel explains that Archicad has huge flexibility straight off the shelf – you can quickly access and adapt objects such as windows and doors. However, in Revit, you can’t make easy tweaks to these. He states that it is so much quicker and easier in Archicad.

“Now that I’ve set up on my own, it’s great to be going back to the software I know well.”

Support from vendors

“I emailed Applecore Designs with a query and they came back to me promptly. This is an example of the great service from their team – I can also give support a call and they are always very helpful.”

Metric Design Architecture

Daniel had purchased the Solo version of Archicad, but needed rendered images for a particular project. The TwinMotion plug-in was recommended for Daniel by Applecore Designs. The plug-in will provide easy rendering and will also run straight off the MacBook – which is ideal for Metric Design Architecture.

Metric Design Architecture’s favourite Archicad features

“Archicad is an all-encompassing 3D drawing package. It’s also great for doing quick 2D alterations and elevations and saves a huge amount of time on detailing. By using Archicad, I probably save one third of my time on a typical project, compared with doing the same in Revit.

Many manufacturers have created plug-ins and objects for Archicad which saves more time and makes the drawings so much easier.

I’ve also found the trace reference really useful. When I’m working on a ground floor plan of a house for example, the first floor can have a ‘watermark’ of the floor below which makes it very easy to double check that walls line up correctly.

Overall, Archicad saves time, is easy to use and the team offers great support. Archicad is my preferred software – I’m very happy to be back using a Mac and Archicad.”