BIMx helps BRP win Apra House Award

Celebrations were held recently for BRP Architects as they won  Small Project of the Year for Apra House. The project heavily used modern technologies and featured the use of BIM product of the year ARCHICAD combined with the award winning Mobile/Field App BIMx.

BRP Architects Project - Apra House
BRP Architects Project – Apra House

The Market Harborough project came about when Dr and Mrs Platts commissioned BRP Architects to design a modern open plan home that would suit them for their retirement and beyond. The couple are very passionate about modern build technologies and how these could be incorporated into their new dwelling. They wanted to achieve an open plan space that would help them manage a long term health condition and primarily provide a clean, blank backdrop for them to display art and artefacts they had gathered over the years.

“It has been a fantastic experience to see a derelict plot of land morph into a singular and innovative piece of architecture, which is not only beautiful to look at but practical to live in and environmentally sound. This is form and function perfectly combined” stated Dr and Mrs Platts

BIMx was used in the very early stages in order to help the couple understand how things would look by the end of the build. It helped them to plan where their precious items would go, select space for their existing furniture and make decisions about new furniture and fittings that they would need. BRP created layouts in BIMx to show the couple prior to them making any big purchases, so that they could ensure that it was both a practical fit as well as what they imagined it would be.

BRP Architects Project - Apra House BIMx Model
BRP Architects Project – Apra House BIMx Model

Further down the line in the project BIMx could then be used to layout the electrical plans for the tech savvy couple to plan where electrical outlets and lighting would be placed. It also helped them finalise the furniture layouts. Using the software in this way means that everything was planned out before going ahead on site which meant changes were avoided at crucial stages thus avoiding delays and potential cost rises.

“Our ideas around style and needs were translated and developed by BRP Architects who also did a great job of project management and advised us on interior detail when it was needed and perhaps avoided some self-induced faux pas”

Prior to the build starting BIMx was also able to be used to inform the Planning Committee what the build would look like and ultimately helped to secure approval for the project. A 3D model was created with a photo rendered visual showing the impact on the park which the build would overlook.

BRP Architects Project - Apra House Internal
BRP Architects Project – Apra House Internal

The building components were specified to be well within building regulation requirements as the couple wanted to achieve a low carbon and efficient living space. The unusual and distinctive building is a combination of sloping roofs, single and two storey space. The former derelict plot has transformed not only on BIMx but now in real life too.