Archicad Pilot Packages

For studios with multiple teams considering a move to BIM, we recommend considering undertaking a pilot project. This will allow you to assess the changes to your studios workflow, internal processes, collaboration and technology.

Our Archicad Pilot Packages can be tailored to individuals and design teams dedicated to undertaking a pilot project in Archicad, in order to develop their skills and assess the outcomes.

Applecore Designs has developed a number of training and coaching courses designed specifically for operatives and managers to aid the process. These projects include a mixture of hands-on learning, assessment, analysis and use of software help you get started as quickly as possible and gauge your progression.

This is a low cost way to assess Archicad with managed implementation assistance and training.

What does it involve?

Archicad Pilot Packages are available for design teams of up to six team members, as well as individuals, to get started with Archicad, receiving guidance, and access to the software for a defined period of time (usually 90 days) consisting of:

Planning and Goals

From our experience, the following attributes are required to be most effective:

Management – a senior member of the team or a project leader to act as the “information manager”, ensuring design co-ordination, documentation production, flexible team working, project sharing, etc.

Organisation – the team charged with starting the pilot project need to be enthusiastic about BIM and several team members need to undertake a project management course to develop their Document and Project Management skills. These skills will be a critical resource to other team members after their own training and in their initial use of the software.

Workflow – the project template file (.tpl) can be customised for your own projects, to include your own structures, attributes, title blocks and drawing IDs. We are able to provide direct support and consultation to assist with this.

Technology – the technology drives the workflow and the team members drive the technology. The team members need to be trained in the software and need to adopt a new workflow.

What happens next?

Once a pilot has been completed, there will be a number of licence options available to you. So you know what to expect, you will receive a full licence proposal when planning the pilot project.

Booking your Pilot Package

Please click here for more information on our Archicad Pilot Packages, or to proceed with booking. Alternatively contact us on +44 (0) 121 447 7788.