3D objects contains all necessary information to completely describe building elements for use in drawings, presentations and quantity calculations, including 2D symbols, 3D geometric data, and non-graphical BIM data.

These objects can be categorised in two ways:

  1. Highly parametric, generic objects, which can be customised in a wide variety of ways.
  2. Objects specific created to a manufacturer’s specification, containing only the options available within that specific product or product range.

Objects in ARCHICAD

GDL, or Geometric Description Language, is a programming language used to create library objects in a BIM environment, primarily . It describes a diverse range of elements that can be placed inside or outside a building structure, for instance stairs, kitchens, ducting, or even special structural elements such as cladding. Other special object subcategories are designed to interact with fundamental BIM elements, for example, where window and door objects are associated to wall elements, and skylight objects are associated to roof elements.

Any aspect of a GDL object can be controlled from a list of options, or parameters, including:

  • dimensions,
  • control over the display of sub-elements,
  • control with ARCHICAD’s view settings (model view options, floor plan cut plane, partial structure display, minimum space…)
  • materials,
  • 2D representation (line types, pen colours…)
  • data (costs, product codes…)

Applecore’s Object Libraries

We have developed a number of objects to assist in automating particular drawing and modelling tasks in ARCHICAD. These objects have been designed following customer feedback to increase efficiency, add further detail to the model, and reduce drawing and modelling time.

See the Store for the current objects for the latest versions of ARCHICAD.

2D Detailing Library

This library of stretchy 2D objects quickly adds further level detail to 2D drawings, such as floor plans, section drawings and details. This includes objects to create roof tiles, stud walls, floor sections, and mortar joints.

2D Detailing Library

Accessory Objects

These series of objects has been designed to add components to existing 3DARCHICAD elements, using the Accessories and Interior Wizard tools. These quickly add a further level of detail to the model using existing geometry and positioning, to avoid repetitive modelling activities. Current accessory objects include wall coverings, beam and block floor systems and suspended ceilings.

2D Accessories

Annotation objects

These objects have been designed to assist in displaying non-graphical data from the model in 2D drawings and documentation. Current objects include zone stamps, and drawing titles based on the UKI template, including scale bars.

2D Accessories

Bespoke Objects

We have the in-house skills to create custom GDL objects according to your specifications, including the development of 2D and/or 3D parametric objects, and data for scheduling.

If you are interested in bespoke objects for use in your BIM projects please contact us for further information, or to discuss a GDL design brief.

Objects for Manufacturers

Our Objects for Manufacturers authoring service allows manufacturers to promote their products to be included in BIM products and quickly and easily be specified with relevant product information.

We can discuss different development options with you, and provide a range of solutions, including:

  • Project attribute files for materials and composite structures.
  • Parametric objects designed specifically for your project range.
  • Accessory objects, to interact with floor, roof and slab structures.
  • Favourites, to quickly access commonly used configurations.
  • Management of non-graphical data for scheduling
  • User interface design
  • Download your objects directly into ARCHICAD projects through the in-built search.
  • Promotion of your objects to the UK ARCHICAD user base.
  • Provide customer feedback.
  • IFC versions of the objects for import into over 100 IFC compatible software solutions.

Please contact us for further information on developing objects for your products or to discuss development options.