Work Experience Useful for Future Proofing Studios

A few weeks ago we welcomed a pupil from Prince Henry’s High School on work experience. We were very excited to play host as we are firm believers that real life experience of a work place is such a useful tool for both employers and students alike.

Not only does work experience give pupils a flavour of what a working environment can be like, but it gives employers a huge understanding of school life and an insight into what matters to young people both in their current life and their future plans. This can prove vital to employers and can often be more telling than getting a set number of grades.

work experience bubble

At Applecore Designs we believe that a blend of practical experience as well as academia can prove much more valuable to employers. Pupils that get a head start with employers through work experience can often gain more in terms of their recruitment goals in later life.

For employers it is a way of future proofing their business to get to know the type of candidates coming through and a way of succession planning for the company in years to come. Successful recruitment is particularly important for small companies as picking the wrong person can mean thousands in lost revenue and time which can make a huge dent in the resources of SMEs.

‘We thoroughly enjoyed having our work experience pupil with us and we hope that he found it equally beneficial’.

The work experience role, whilst largely office based, gave our pupil the opportunity to learn about the various different software packages used and pick up experience on how this may be evaluated by studios.

The week-long journey experience included a range of aspects of life in our office including some basic modelling and project management tools, topped off with a Virtual Reality walk through which really open our student’s eyes to the power our technology has behind the scenes.

After an initial introduction to the company we spent the week giving our pupil a mixture of various different pieces of software  along with how these interact with spreadsheets. In addition, our pupil created, maintained and evaluated data spreadsheets with the help of one of our team members and was shown how the information is interpreted and used.

Work Experience
Our 15 year old pupil created this model in ARCHICAD after 45 minutes tuition

By the end of the week he was able to bring everything together and create his very own building design using the ARCHICAD software. Using the software meant that he could use modelling and design techniques and gather information about how any renovation project can be managed using ARCHICAD. Problem solving along with documenting changes and coming up with new solutions were also key to this piece of learning.

We thoroughly enjoyed having our work experience pupil with us  and we hope that he found it equally beneficial. For us it isn’t just about the type of work someone wants to do in the future it is about transferable skills in the workplace and how these will not only benefit someone now but in the future too.