Lunch and Learn Webinar Series Summary

The Lunch and Learn webinar series, delivered over the last 6 months, has demonstrated a number of topics focusing on model based design and the coordination of data. This webinar series have proved very popular with over 650 registrations throughout the series.

Thank you to all of the attendees throughout the Lunch and Learn series and for all of the positive feedback we have received. Please see below a youtube playlist of all of the recordings from the webinar series, and full summary of the content.


Lunch and Learn Webinar Series 1

ARCHICAD’s Renovation Workflow

Friday 21 October

The objective of model-based design is to achieve greater coordination, productivity, visualisation, and cost efficiency in the delivery of a project. Very few talk about this in the context of working with existing buildings. ARCHICAD’s intelligent model-based workflows provide you with the tools to create automated, fully coordinated and accurate documentation, while eliminating costly, tedious re-working.

Mobile Communication with BIMx

Friday 4 November

BIMx (Building Explorer) for iOS and Android is an innovative, interactive, communication tool for building design professionals setting new standards for design communication and presentation in the AEC industry. BIMx now provides access to the full set of project information, including 2D documents, 3D models and any non-geometric data incorporated into a BIM workflow.

Delivering COBie in ARCHICAD

Friday 18 November

Job Jackson, an ARCHICAD expert, COBie enthusiast and Associate Director of Bond Bryan Digital, provided a webinar on ‘Delivering COBie in ARCHICAD’ as a guest presenter. During this Lunch and Learn webinar, Rob discussed COBie requirements and content, production in ARCHICAD and the importance of project templates.

BIM Verification and Communication via BCF

Friday 2 December 2016

The Federated Model ensures that each discipline is responsible for the creation, development and change management of their model. Analysing models with rule based checking can identify potential errors at the design stage; identifying, prioritising, and communicating issues in an effective manner using BCF. This Lunch and Learn webinar looked at the communication of issues to each discipline using BCF.

Lunch and Learn Webinar Series 2

Working as a Team

Friday 27 January 2017

Teamwork provides a platform for collaboration on projects within the office and through the Internet. Multiple team members efficiently work on a single model, dramatically reducing the amount of data being transferred. This webinar demonstrated the virtual building concept, BIM Server, teamwork and communication within the design team.

Graphic Styles

Friday 10 Feb 2017

Architectural drawings can be presented with a range of different styles, based on the information they describe or the personality of the architect. They can be simple and diagrammatic, or detailed and complex and evocative, from early design stages to detailed technical information. ARCHICAD offers a range of graphic presentation options, and the integration of CineRender offers high quality photo-realistic images in a single click, alongside conceptual sketches, cutaways and traditional 2D drawings.


Friday 24 Feb 2017

Site survey data from theodolites can be imported directly into ARCHICAD with a single click. XYZ coordinates are automatically converted into ARCHICAD meshes creating an accurate 3D model of the environment. Once imported, other tools such as gravity, level dimensions and setting out points can be used to aide you model-based workflows. This Lunch and Learn webinar looked at importing and using survey data, and producing terrain models in ARCHICAD.

Displaying and Scheduling Data

Friday 10 Mar 2017

The building information model contains both graphical and non-graphical information, accurately linked, clearly defined and well structured. Automatically annotating drawings and producing quantities can not only ensure that you are working efficiently and effectively, but also reduces the risk of errors.

Lunch and Learn Webinar Series 3

ARCHICAD Pilot Projects

Fri 24 Mar 2017

For studios with design teams of five or more considering a move to model based design, we recommend a low risk evaluation prior to implementation. Our bespoke Pilot schemes will allow you to assess the changes to your studios workflow, internal processes, collaboration and technology. This Lunch and Learn webinar explained the benefits and what is involved when joining the scheme including licencing, hardware requirements, training and ongoing consultation.

Revision Control

Fri 7 Apr 2017

ARCHICAD’s virtual building concept enables designers to automate much of the drawing creation and issuing of documents from the 3D model. With the change tool and revisions functionality, you can save hours managing your issues and reduce the possibility of human errors. This Lunch and Learn webinar looked at creating changes, revisions and issues in ARCHICAD, as well as updating revision notes and drawings numbers.

Level of Definition

Fri 21 Apr 2017

A building information model contains both graphical and non-graphical information, accurately linked, clearly defined and well structured. As stages progress and proposals develop, the graphical and non-graphical data builds in a shared digital space. This Lunch and Learn webinar provided an overview of the term “Level of Definition” with reference to objects and accessing data on mobile platforms.