We have updated our ARCHICAD Training Courses

Applecore Designs has developed a number of training exercises and courses, including introductory courses to help get started with ARCHICAD efficiently and courses designed for more advanced users. On-going consultancy and template development is also provided.

Following recent version upgrades, and customer feedback, we are making some changes to our classroom courses from January 2020.


ARCHICAD Training Recommendations

For new users of ARCHICAD migrating from either CAD or 3D, we recommend a combination of the Crossgrade to ARCHICAD and Project Documentation courses.

Crossgrade to ARCHICAD is a two day course outlining the core commands and actions in ARCHICAD, best practice workflows, and the processes involved in constructing a “Virtual Building” model.

We start with initial drawing exercises to practice drawing techniques, progressing to planning stage models, and through to more detailed models including composite structures and intersections between the various design elements.

Project Documentation is a further one day course following on from the above, going through the drawing and documentation stages in ARCHICAD. This includes taking floor plan, section, elevation and detail drawings from the model, window and door lists, and creating drawing layout sheets.

Crossgrade and Documentation Training

ARCHICAD Training Changes

During previous training courses, some time on the second day for the Crossgrade to ARCHICAD course provided an overview of drawings and documentation, which was then expanding on throughout the Project Documentation course.

However, from January 2020, Crossgrade to ARCHICAD will now focus purely on fundamental drawing and modelling techniques that are essential in producing a Virtual Building model. That allows more time to cover aspects such as terrain modelling and the recently updated stair and columns tools.

Although drawings and documentation will no longer be covered during this initial two day course, these topics will still be explained  in detail on the Project Documentation course to give you a good understanding of these processes. As a result, our recommendations are now to undertake this course a little earlier Рaround 2-3 weeks after attending Crossgrade to ARCHICAD.

For more information on the full agendas, please click here for more training.


As always, the key to a smooth transition in learning new skills is practice.

To make the move to ARCHICAD as easy as possible, it is highly recommended to try it out in your own time before attending the training to have some basic familiarity, which will help follow instructions during the training and to focus less on button clicking. We have exercises to assist with this.

It’s essential to continue practising as much as possible in the days immediately after the training to reinforce your learning and new skills.

ARCHICAD Training Pricing

After a number of years without changing our base pricing (before expenses), we will be updating the pricing structure of bespoke ‘on-site’ training from January 2020. Offered on a per day basis, rather than per person, this offers a cost effective option to a classroom course.

For an up-to-date quote, or to discuss your training requirements, please call 0121 447 7747 or contact us using the form opposite.