Solibri Model Checker – COBie coordination

The UK Government has specified COBie as the format it will use to manage the design, construction and operation of public buildings. COBie, delivered in as a spread sheet, is a data standard used to document and share structured information about the building and infrastructure for operations and management of the building. This includes four data drops during the delivery stage.

The data is initially extracted from existing schedules, reports or BIM models and presented using spread sheets.

However, a trial is now being undertaken using Solibri Model Checker to validate COBie data and produce outputs. BIM model data imported into Solibri using IFC files is then exported as COBie data.

Solibri Model Checker is already recognised as the leading out-of-the-box model checking solution, analysing Building Information Models for integrity, quality and physical safety. The system automates the analysis of BIM files for review, quality assurance, code compliance, and accuracy, with easy-to-use visualisation and intuitive functionality.


With a single mouse click, Solibri Model Checker™ X-rays the building model and reveals potential flaws and weaknesses in the design, highlights the clashing components and checks that the model complies with the building codes and organization’s best practices.

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