NBS Create specifications – A “mouse-click” in ARCHICAD

NBS Link connects NBS Create and ARCHICADNBS Link plug-in for ARCHICAD allows for direct linkage between NBS Create and ARCHICAD. It embeds the Annotator tool from NBS into the ARCHICAD software and makes the task of putting together a coordinated set of drawings even easier.

NBS Create is designed to make it easy to collate the data needed to produce robust specifications. The software draws on pre-written clauses for over 1,000 systems and 20,000 products, making it quicker and easier to assemble your specification.

This connection continues to deliver productivity improvements to architects at design specification by providing a quick and easy to use method for retrieving and placing specification details from NBS onto any view of the design, including 3D Documents, as well as ensuring that the specification details can be reviewed and revised easily, with their coordination assured.

“Clause titles and references can be added with a single mouse-click in ARCHICAD.”

Specification of design detail requires great accuracy and the NBS databases provide to architects a rich and accurate content of building component and manufacturer specification details. The connection with enables architects to select the required specification clause from NBS and attach it to the appropriate component in the building information model. also allows architects, at any time, to check the currency of the specification details in their design against the latest version of the specifications from NBS.

“The automated link ensures the details in the specification and ARCHICAD documentation remains in sync.”

Architects are provided with an on-screen hierarchical list of differences, and the document views in which these occur, and with one-click they can review each difference and decide whether to use the latest specification or keep/ modify the existing specification.

The plug-in will work with specification documents produced using NBS Create, NBS Building, NBS Landscape, NBS Scheduler and NBS Domestic Specification.

NBS Link plug-in is available free to all ARCHICAD users that have a valid support contract. To download the add-on from the GRAPHISOFT website, please visit to the UAS Exclusive Downloads section.
  • Patrice Belle

    Great…..or rather it would be, if it worked on Macs !
    How much longer do we have to wait for NBS ( RIBA ? ) to realise that the Windows hegemony is no more…?

  • Patrice Belle

    As ‘creatives’, Architects have a higher than average adoption of Macs, yet NBS continue to ignore this. The glib response of ‘run Windows on your Mac’ creates more problems than it solves.

  • Patrice Belle

    Please, please convince NBS to provide the same tools for Mac users

    Thank you

    • Applecore Designs Limited

      We agree Patrice especially when nearly 50% of ARCHICAD users in UK have a MAC. Moreover that’s why the NBS questionnaire results are skewed too.

      • Patrice Belle

        Who do we need to contact to persuade of the merits of developing for Macs?
        Perhaps a concerted effort would make the point…

      • Patrice Belle

        Quote from Apple today: “The Mac user base is approaching 100 million users”