Grasshopper – ARCHICAD Live Connection Update

GRAPHISOFT® has released an update to its intelligent Grasshopper-ARCHICAD Live Connection.  This industry-first, bi-directional “live” connection allows Rhino/Grasshopper users to connect to a professional BIM software, ARCHICAD.


Developed by GRAPHISOFT, Rhino-Grasshopper-ARCHICAD connections allow architects to leverage the strengths of the three design environments — Rhino, Grasshopper and ARCHICAD — filling a gap in the design process between early stage design and Building Information Modeling (BIM). This unique connection offers tools beyond seamless bi-directional geometry transfer, allowing basic geometrical shapes to be translated into full BIM elements while maintaining algorithmic editing functionality.

According to Robert McNeel, CEO, McNeel & Associates, “Algorithmic design represents a global trend in architecture. Using this new, real-time connection, architects can unleash their creativity and create forms and shapes that otherwise would be nearly impossible.  Rhino and Grasshopper are the best tools on the market for these tasks.”

The latest update provides several new features for those who wish to use algorithmic design in a BIM environment:

  • The new Preview Option ensures more precise and colored preview of ARCHICAD elements in Rhino.
    The Grasshopper code can now generate ARCHICAD Zone elements as well.
    Thanks to the new Door and Window Components, the position of the opening element along the host Wall’s reference line is defined by a Point input parameter.

This update also contains some improvements of existing features, for instance:

  • “Bake” generated elements in ARCHICAD make it possible to copy-paste Grasshopper-generated elements to keep and compare different ones.
  • For a cleaner workflow, Morph Component has been split into two separate components for converting Mesh type data and Curve type data into ARCHICAD Morph elements.

“The Grasshopper-ARCHICAD Live Connection offers a unique design workflow, helping to explore a large number of design variations, and create and fine-tune building details and structures using algorithms without exchanging files,” said Peter Temesvari, Director of Product Management, GRAPHISOFT. “This connection offers users the best of both worlds, by pairing a leading BIM tool with the industry’s leading algorithmic design tool. The result is a smooth, professional workflow.”

The update ensures stable installation on the Mac and provides various bug fixes such as the availability of library parts parameters and the display of Human UI-related error messages.

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