Graphisoft releases Archicad 25

Graphisoft has released Archicad 25, delivering design tool improvements, enhanced design workflows and significant productivity improvements to its core design processes.

Available on both PC and Mac operating systems this latest version includes:

  • Collaboration improvements, including a new native Survey Point tool, improved interoperability with Revit and Solibri, and Structural Analytical Model improvements
  • Enhanced design tools, including new residential and commercial furniture, polygonal openings, stair tool improvements, and quick shift between 2D and 3D views.
  • Improved vizualisations, including textures and soft shadows in sections and elevations.

Archicad 25 – Survey Point

Archicad 25 - Native Survey PointThe new native Survey Point, in the updated Location Settings, ensures easier, quicker and more consistent coordination. It provides an on-screen marker allowing its coordinates to be defined, displayed, scheduled and published, providing a real-world context for the Archicad model. The Survey Point supports IFC and BCF exchange, and improves interoperability with conventional file formats, such as DWG.

Polygonal Openings

The Opening tool has been expanded with the new polygonal geometry method so you can now create custom-shaped openings, including with the Magic Wand. The updated geometry method will create holes of any shape to fit the MEP elements, resulting in more accurate quantity estimation, and all the existing benefits of labels, properties, listing and multi-element associativity.

Section and Elevation Improvements

Present your design with accurate visualisations and artistic details, including the display of surface textures directly in the section and elevation environment. New realistic soft shading and cover fill options, in addition to the textures provide a variety of presentation options out of the box. Create professional results and improved realism without post-production.​

Quick shift between 2D/3D views

Repetitive tasks, such as selecting and modifying elements, have a huge effect on the overall modelling performance. Identifying and re-selecting elements across views is now seemless – keep track of selected elements when switching between 2D and 3D views with new and improved navigation commands. Also select and hide elements in the active 3D view.

Stair Tool Enhancements

Archicad 25 - Stair ToolThe stair tool has become even more flexible with a number of new design options. New configuration options allow you to further control the length of the walking-lines, introduce new winder option for asymmetric goings, and include settings to allow landing length can be automatically distributed equally from the start or end of the landing. These changes provide additional design flexibility while complying to local standards.

Archicad 25 – New residential and commercial furniture

Archicad 25 Bring your interior designs to life with our expanding library of 3D objects that follow the latest trends in residential and commercial design. Customise kitchens quickly with new modular cabinetry that makes it easy to produce a variety of designs. As well as the new kitchen cabinets, highly customisable furnishing objects include new sofa bed, curtain, coat rack, table, and chairs objects.

Archicad 25 – Interoperability

Archicad 25 Model ExchangeImproved interoperability options provide support for Rhino 6 and 7, Revit up to 2021, and Solibri. Import Revit Families as native Archicad objects and MEP equipment, and reference Revit’s Discipline filter when hotlinking a Revit file. Also import and export Rhino 6 and 7 files to leverage the power of the industry-leading free-form organic design tools, using Archicad to continue the design development and documentation processes.

Structural Analytical Model Improvements

Generation Rules help reduce manual work on Structural Analytical Models and Archicad 25 now includes offset adjustments, connection range improvements, streamlined structural supports, and elimination of overlapping 2D members. Data added by engineers is maintained during round-trip exchange. When exporting structural elements, Archicad 25 now automatically maps them to manufactured profiles.

Archicad 25 Upgrade and Licensing Information

Our upgrade calculator lists all the new features and enhancements of Archicad 25 in a user friendly format. Simply use the slider bar to select your current version (from Archicad 10) and the calculator will list any additional features and functions since.

For further information on upgrades, new licences of Archicad, or BIMcloud, please contact our offices on 0121 447 7747 or email our sales team.