Graphisoft announce ARCHICAD 22

Graphisoft have announced details of ARCHICAD 22, delivering design tool improvements, enhanced design workflows and significant productivity improvements to its core design processes.

Available on both PC and Mac operating systems this latest version includes:

  • a remastered Facade Design workflow providing a flexible design environment for designers to create external or internal facades and elevations using modular structures and hierarchical, easily customisation patterns.
  • traditional and algorithmic workflows are supported, thanks to the improved ARCHICAD-Grasshopper Connection.
  • parametric profiles make it easy to create parametric edges for column, beam and wall profiles, so you can offset and control edges at the attribute and at the element level.
  • Maxon’s latest (R19) CineRender engine, providing stereoscopic or 360-degree spherical renderings.

ARCHICAD 22 also offers significant performance improvements, smooth and responsive navigation, faster Teamwork element reservation; and improved quality and precision when exporting building component information using OPEN BIM standards.

ARCHICAD 22 Façade Design Remastered

ARCHICAD 22 Façade Design

ARCHICAD’s remastered Façade Design workflow enables designers to develop and detail hierarchical curtain wall systems. Complex curtain wall systems may be designed by drawing schemes with modular patterns first; and then continue by defining frames and mullions to host fully customisable panels.

Create precise vertical and horizontal junctions automatically, and finish by selecting from a wide set of louvres and other accessories.Any documentation standard can be met, thanks to the customisable, scale-sensitive representation at any level of detail. Element schedules provide very accurate lists of all details of the created frames, mullions and even accessories.

Both traditional and algorithmic workflows are supported, thanks to the improved ARCHICAD- Grasshopper Connection tool. Designers can use any set of 2D lines to start assembling Curtain Wall Patterns on the Grasshopper Canvas and manage all sub-elements, then create astonishing facades in ARCHICAD using algorithmic design definitions.

ARCHICAD 22 Parametric Custom Profiles

ARCHICAD 22’s Parametric Profile Editor combines the power of parametric design with the freedom of graphical profile creation.

Parametric Custom ProfilesCreate more intelligent Profiles for Walls, Beams and Columns, by defining parametric edges in the Profile Editor. This will allow offset individual or multiple edges centrally for the Profile Attribute or at the instance level – either graphically or via element settings.

Thanks to so called “Custom Geometry Modifiers”, designers can use only one Profile to describe several different custom wall, column and beam geometries. By adjusting the dimensions of the Parametric Profile’s skins, the same Profile can be fit into several different details in the project. The height of the layers of composite structures, for example, can now be adjusted individually.

Expression Based Properties

ARCHICAD 22 allows you to use mathematical expressions to calculate property values which depend on the element’s own parameters. This new function lets you define any calculation rule as an element property value and update it automatically, without time-consuming and error-prone manual data entry.

Expression Based PropertiesDesigners benefit from defining more complex data-processing expressions for elements. The result can be used in ARCHICAD 22 for tagging or filtering elements, and presented in any graphical, tabular or model output, very similar to functions in standard spreadsheet programs.

Property values containing a valid URL will become a live URL hyperlink in the Interactive Schedule, providing a quick way to access any connected website or online data. The property value definition is based on user-defined expressions, composed using simple data fields. Create Element Properties using numeric, text or even Boolean data, then use these properties to tag or filter elements and present them in any graphical, tabular or model output.

Faster & Smoother 2D Navigation

ARCHICAD 22 continues to introduce significant 2D and 3D performance improvements, including a smooth and truly responsive panning and zooming navigation experience for all model views, even in very large projects.

ARCHICAD’s robust 64-bit architecture enables to display large models, and optimised scaling of multiple-core CPUs boosts performance when working on large, complex projects.

ARCHICAD 22 large modelsGeneration of complex element fills, cut- and cover surfaces are “GPU-accelerated”, performed by the computer graphics processing unit. Multiple cores of the computer’s CPU are further enhanced to utilise the changing needs of continuous – panning or zooming – navigation in the background.

The patent pending Predictive Background Processing takes advantage of unused computer capacity by anticipating potential future user actions and preparing for them in the background. This offers designers lightning-fast response times regardless the size of the project.

Productivity Enhancements

Here are some additional highlights of the design, documentation and collaboration workflow improvements in ARCHICAD 22.

Custom Graphical Label
Select any combination of drawing primitives (lines, arcs, polylines), plus Text Blocks (including Element-related Autotexts), then save and use them as a Label.

Import and Export ARCHICAD Element Properties via IFC
ARCHICAD 22 has improved the quality and precision of exported Component and Material information to IFC2x3 and IFC4. This is important to create schedules, calculations and cost estimates based on data related to Building Materials, individual Composite Skins, and Complex Profile parts.

Rhino–Grasshopper–ARCHICAD Toolset
The new “De-Constructor” function enables to use a reversed data workflow and channel ARCHICAD element data to the Rhino-Grasshopper platform.

High-Resolution Support on Windows 10
The representation of fine details of the ARCHICAD icons, lines, texts and other graphic user interface elements are now produce a much sharper look. Ultra-high – 4K and 5K – resolution monitor screens offer much sharper display of details.

Stair and Railing Enhancements
The new Stair and Rail enhancements enables to visualise and use Stair Headroom for collision detection. Stair 2D documentation enhancements helps to keep country-specific representation standards. Sloped Railings and Rail Panels developments enables more accurate modelling.

Automatic Element Reservation in Teamwork
Now it only takes fragments of a second to reserve elements in Teamwork, even in case of very large element selection sets. Please note that this new feature is only available with a GRAPHISOFT BIMcloud User License.

Our upgrade calculator lists all the new features and enhancements of ArchiCAD 22 in a user friendly format. Simply use the slider bar to list additional features/functions since ARCHICAD 10.

The ARCHICAD 22 UKI version will be officially launched on 1 July 2018. For further information on upgrades, perpetual licences, fixed term agreements, rental and subscription please contact our offices Birmingham 0121 447 7747 or London 020 7734 1837 or email our sales team