Effective ARCHICAD remote working during a pandemic

As coronavirus continues to spread, employees might be asked to work from home. Therefore, employers should look at reviewing possible remote working. But not everyone is prepared to get their work done remotely.

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Evaluate what software, information and other resources you will need to access in order to maintain your productivity. In recent days we have received more and more enquiries about how to work remotely where possible in order to alleviate fears and risk of coronavirus among ARCHICAD studios.

ARCHICAD License Methods

The CodeMeter (and previously WIBU) protection solution for ARCHICAD Solo and Teamwork is provided by WIBU systems offering, scalability, high performance and flexibility.


ARCHICAD licences are available as a physical key or software key. A physical single USB dongle contains the license that is needed to run ARCHICAD. It is plugged in to the computer in order to run the software. On a single key the USB dongle contains one license.

In comparison a software key is a licence file downloaded to the computer. It can be uploaded back to the Company license pool in the cloud then downloaded to another computer as and when required. Again, a single software key contains one license.

ARCHICAD Solo is available as a single USB dongle or single software key. ARCHICAD Teamwork is available as a single USB dongle,  single software key, NET dongle, NET software key and has the option of licence borrow.


A network license allows a number of users on the same network to share access to ARCHICAD licenses. The client computer does not have a licence locally. The NET license server dongle and license manager control the number of active users allowed to use ARCHICAD.

Opting for network NET licenses also allows your studio to run ARCHICAD Teamwork on a concurrent basis. This means you can install the ARCHICAD software locally onto as many client machines as required, with the NET licence controlling the number of concurrent users.

For example, in a five-user concurrent use license, after five users are logged on to the program, the sixth user is prohibited. When any one of the first five close ARCHICAD, the next person can run it.

Remote License Borrow

A conventional network software protection technology requires all computer workstation to be continuously connected to the office server for remote working. This can sometimes cause problems when ARCHICAD users want to continue their work outside the office infrastructure, usually via a VPN connection.

The License borrowing option, only available with the ARCHICAD Teamwork version allows users to obtain a licence for a set period on time, up to a maximum of 30 days. The duration is set prior to borrowing the licence via the Codemeter web admin. Whenever a borrowed license is not returned on time the server automatically takes back the license. The borrowed license becomes inactive, and is allocated back to the server.

With license borrowing your remote license management becomes simple, transparent and safe.

Remote working with BIM Cloud

BIMcloud as a Service (BIMcloud SaaS), provides a platform for ARCHICAD Teamwork projects, allowing multiple team members to work remotely on a model simultaneously, including its drawings and documentation in the cloud.

BIMcloud SaaS is available as a monthly or yearly subscription, is a hosted solution by GRAPHISOFT including project storage. You will not require your own server with this option, though you may choose to have a BIMcloud Delta Cache installed within your network to maximise sync times. Only changes in the project are synchronised with the BIMcloud, not the whole model. This dramatically reduces the amount of data being transferred, and therefore speeds up transfer time for remote working.

By reducing the file size of these interactions, your studio can work together in real-time across your network and through standard internet connections from virtually anywhere in the world.
Teamwork projects are accessed through ARCHICAD’s Teamwork menu. Once signed in, the Teamwork palette displays a list of team members also working on the project, with direct messaging allowing instant communication and task management for localised and remote workers.

After requesting elements from another team member, the instant messaging system will inform them which building elements you’re requesting, with options to either grant or deny access. Granting access will instantly transfer control of those building elements. Synchronising the project with the BIMcloud will keep changes up to date at all times.

Combing BIMcloud SaaS and BIMx PRO, design issues can be resolved on tablets and smart phones, through instant messages and annotated screenshots, instantly communicating back to the Teamwork project.

Remote working options

Do not wait until you are told to stay home to figure out that you do not have the necessary tools to get your architectural work done outside of the office. If you would like to discuss licence options and BIMcloud SaaS please contact our office for further details.