Cloud Based Working

By now, almost everyone will have heard of and used the cloud. The cloud simply refers to servers that are accessed over the internet, rather than localised servers and computers in the workplace. By using cloud based systems, you can access your files, especially when working remotely.

Cloud Based Working - Description

Cloud-based systems

Google has an expansive list of apps which are cloud-based. Google Drive, Google’s cloud storage solution, contains a range of apps such as Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, and so on. You can work on your documents from anywhere at anytime. Cloud also helps in sharing of documents and provides a team with the ability to work on them together.

Google Drive (or G Suite) can be completely free for personal use, or a nominal per month tariff for their basic plan, however if you are looking to upgrade to a business plan, you can expect to pay upwards of £20 a month for their enterprise plan. Of course, you can expect more security/support when you upgrade, and experience many more features of G Suite.

Social media channels also use the cloud. This is often overlooked and may not be the first cloud-based system you think of, however, we store a lot of personal data on these platforms. This is what helps the user find others to connect with, and vice versa.


Graphisoft’s BIMcloud provides a platform for Teamwork projects with multiple members to work on a model and its documentation, both within the office and through the Internet.

BIMcloud as a Service (BIMcloud SaaS) is available monthly at £59 per user or as an annual fee of £480 per user. This is a hosted solution, so you don’t need to source your own hardware or cloud facility. You can connect to the BIMcloud SAAS with an internet connection without the need to use a VPN or access your local network. The additional benefit is that it doesn’t require you to source, setup and administrate a cloud-based system.

BIMcloud enables real-time, secure teamwork between architects, regardless of the size of the design project, the location of the offices, or the speed of the Internet connection.

Not only does BIMcloud enable real-time design work on the same teamwork project, but also offers and instant collaboration platform. You can identify where each team member is working with thanks to the colour coded workplace system. Instant messaging is also available and allows the team to communicate despite location, and to assign elements and tasks to team members.


You can work from anywhere. Cloud-based computing has enabled us to be able to work anywhere, providing you have an internet connection. Having your work accessible anywhere has proved useful in recent times of remote working, allowing employees to be able to continue with their work despite lockdown.

Collaboration. When you share access with your teams, you are able to work together on projects, creating higher quality work. Again, this can relate to remote working, in such an uncertain time you can still produce valued work as a team.

Security. If you happen to lose a device, having your files saved locally only on that machine can be a stressful event, whereas keeping your files safely secure on a cloud based drive can completely eradicate that risk. You can access the drive from another device and keep the lost device from accessing those files, and even better, you’ll still possess those documents.