Blackhawk move from Revit to ARCHICAD

Blackhawk Design and Build made the easy switch from Revit to ARCHICAD and have not looked back.

We talked to the Company Director and Chartered Architectural Technologist, Scott Walker to find out why they made the switch to ARCHICAD and how the software has helped his studios design processes and productivity.

Blackhawk Design and Build are a family run architectural design and construction consultancy who work on a wide range of projects across the Midlands, with a focus on residential properties.

Blackhawk 3D Views

Typical projects might include anything from domestic extensions to commercial new builds, working with developers on major projects or helping individuals to create bespoke domestic builds.

Blackhawk make the switch to ARCHICAD

The studio found the transition from working with Revit to implementing ARCHICAD software very straightforward. Looking at the products, services and licence options we could provide, Scott decided the ARCHICAD Solo perpetual licence bundle with two days classroom training was the best way to start and immediately jumped in on a live project.

“It saves so much time compared to work I had to do in Revit” states Scott Walker of Blackhawk Design and Build

One of the key features that convinced Scott to make the transition was the speed and ease of use. The revised and updated UKI template that Applecore Designs provide with any new perpetual licence purchase allows you to work straight out of the box, simply selecting items such as doors and windows that are already built into the software, quickly defining the required parameters and putting them in place.

Scott stated ‘Other architectural software packages don’t always provide these elements, which means that hours can be wasted making modifications. ARCHICAD makes Revit look archaic’

With ARCHICAD, Blackhawk found that they could quickly model up design options and then share them with clients using the free BIMx app. Being able to present 3D models with BIMx made a significant difference at the enquiry stage. The software has also had a significant impact throughout the typical design process and it has quickly become the studios tool of choice providing great functionality, outperforming everything else that they have used previously.

Blackhawk Workflow

Blackhawk Design and Builds switch to ARCHICAD was a very intuitive process as many of the key features, functions and working methods will be familiar to anyone who designs buildings. Our bespoke ‘Crossgrade to ARCHICAD from Revit’ training course was offered at a reduced rate with ARCHICAD with Blackhawk finding the content and delivery invaluable in getting to know the core elements of the software speeding up the implementation and migration.

Having the experts on hand to answer in-depth questions was incredibly helpful at implementation stage.

With the software now fully integrated into their work ARCHICAD is now the main model based design tool for Blackhawk’s projects. The studio has found the software very easy to navigate and use, especially when viewing designs in 3D. They can easily show clients and developers such as Victor Building Developments around the designs on site with BIMx . The renovation workflow (below) and 3D cuts planes to reveal the model in a live view is easily accessible.

The design process has also been sped up quickly and effectively by making modifications in 3D to essential elements in just a few clicks, knowing that all the documentation and detailing is coordinated. Communicating design intent with clients has been a breeze too.

Scott concluded ‘Outstanding. ARCHICAD is the best bit of kit I have ever used, and it has dramatically reduced the amount of rework I am having to do. ARCHICAD has already paid for itself many times over in a very short amount of time. Taking advantage of the email and telephone  support, and gaining access expert advice when technical questions arise has been invaluable’.

The combination of Blackhawk’s imaginative, aspirational designs and ARCHICAD’s intuitive, efficient design tools will continue to create homes for families across the Midlands as well as a diverse range of designs for commercial properties and developers in the region.