BIMx and BIMx PRO supports Google Cardboard

google cardboardGoogle Cardboard is a virtual reality (VR) platform developed by Google for use with a head mounted smartphone running iOS (version 2016.3.530) or Android (version 2016.3.561).

The fold-out cardboard viewer is intended as a low-cost system to encourage interest and development in VR applications such as the award winning BIMx app. The viewer is used by placing a smartphone into the back of the device and viewing through the lenses in the front.

How does Google Cardboard work?

Google Cardboard works by placing your phone at the optimal distance away from the lenses. Then, by using the compatible app BIMx, the lenses create a 3D effect when held up to your eyes.

“You can even move your head around, and the images will respond as if you are in the same place as what is displayed on your screen”.

The conductive mesh on the top is actually a quite ingenious design aspect of Google Cardboard.

It’s a button!

Since you are unable to touch your phone’s screen while it is inside the Cardboard, Google has provided this interface to enable interaction with the virtual environment.

“Simple, cheap and great fun, Google Cardboard is perfect for anyone who wants to give VR a whirl and combined with the free BIMx app will not break the bank”

Google Cardboard with BIMx

Make sure you have the latest BIMx or BIMx PRO installed on your mobile device (phone only) and Google Cardboard v2.0

The VR mode enables a number of icons which help you navigate through your building in a smooth way.

google cardboard - navigation

1. Walking mode
2. Bookmarks (Favourites + Gallery)
3. Home
4. Exit
5. Step back
6. Slow walk
7. Fast walk
8. Very fast walk

There were no licensing changes for this update. Please visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download or update your BIMx app. A BIMx Sample model, Calton Renovation project, is available here