BIMx Pro – Present your designs on the move

BIMx logoPresent your designs on the move with BIMx which has already been downloaded by hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. Its true potential, however, comes to life with the brand new BIMx PRO function set taking the app to new levels, giving all users much wider access to both the 3D model and associated 2D drawings and documents.

BIMx PRO was recently featured on the new I-pad Pro launch video, this 9.7-inch tablet is ideal for showcasing the visualization and IFC handling capabilities of this useful app. See this iPad Pro launch video below here.


Present your designs on the movePresenting your ideas on the move

The ultimate design exploration with gravity, layer control, fly-mode, egress recognition and the ability to rotate, slice, walkthrough and select parts of a model. BIMx PRO enables users to view, interact with and extract some of the vast amounts of information available within the typical BIM mode.

Simple navigation

Walk around the model to explore the project, or jump to specific parts of the model through gallery snapshots, layout sheets, or markers within the 3D environment. 3D cutaways are a very handy tool for looking at the interior structure of a building. Users move an interactive slider along the length of the building in any display format – rendered, wire frame, etc.


Drawings and dPresent your designs on the move bimx1ocumentation in context

BIMx PRO’s smooth transitions between a 3D model and 2D views derived from the mode and context-sensitive information overlay allow the drawings and building data to be viewed within the context of the 3D model. View all published layouts, drawings, schedules, and other documentation, while 3D cutting planes position the drawings in the correct 3D space.


Communicating BIM data

Building components keep their intelligence, so filtering and querying parametric BIM object information is available instantly. Tap on an element or zone to display relevant BIM data – which you choose to export from the ARCHICAD model – such as ID numbers, geometry, finishes, product codes, and web links.



BIMx PRO also recently won the 2016 Architizer A+ Award in the Mobile Apps category. BIMx won both the professional
Jury Award and the Popular Choice Award by ranking highest in user votes in the mobile app category.