BIM Conference 2017 – Main feedback positives

Further to the previous summaries of the BIM Conference 2017 held on 21 September we would like to now share with you the review of the delegate feedback we received.

As a reminder the event at Coombe Abbey in Warwickshire was attended by around 60 delegates with the aim of delivering unbiased guidance on BIM and how it can be used. Our focus was to provide a platform to gain and share information as well as giving delegates the opportunity to network with like-minded professionals. We’re very grateful for any and all feedback we received as it helps us to shape future events and we very much thank you for taking part in the conference itself. Here is the delegate feedback review below:

The Venue

BIM Conference feedback

In terms of venue we were very excited to be in the Cloisters Room of the Abbey which delighted everyone with unusual features that added an extra dimension to the day as oppose to a run of the mill conference centre.

Delegates were very much satisfied with the ease of booking and registration process as well as the facilities themselves upon arrival. It was also encouraging to find from the feedback that expectations of the day were met, as people rated highly the fact that the online booking system was very clear about the content and structure of the day.

Extremely informative and a lot of food for thought and discussion

We were happy that the venue itself seemed to add to the positivity around the day and that the facilities were comfortable and functional for all.

Feedback of the overall content

The content of the day was structured around how delegates could get the most from BIM. This was a combination of presentations and demonstrations throughout the day which were aimed at covering as many aspects of BIM as possible in one day.


  • BIM for Clients, Why, What and How
  • Lego Architecture Meets BIM
  • Effective collaboration, quality control and use of asset data
  • Virtual reality in architecture and design


  • BIMCloud Working as a team
  • Information Management and model checking
  • Level of definition and objects
  • Mobile communication and virtual reality
  • Pre and post contract BIM execution plans
  • BIM protocols: What are they? Do we need them? What should they contain?


The presentations are now available on our website for those delegates wishing to refresh or recall some or all of the key points.

For the presentations each was designed to tackle different workflow aspects of BIM and we hope provided enough variety for delegates. It was clear that some were more popular than others from attendance which is something that we will take on board when planning future events.

Presentation feedback

Our opening speaker Fiona Moore was well received with 100% satisfaction across the board from our delegate feedback, over 60% reported they were very satisfied with her talk. Fiona’s talk covered BIM for Clients – The Why, What and How and gave an insight into this very subject with many requesting to see the case studies mentioned as part of the talk. As a recognised BIM consultant it is apparent that many delegates gained a lot from this particular part of the conference agenda.

Similar successes followed in terms of impressive feedback from our next three speakers, Rob Jackson, Nick Hutchinson and Scott Berry. All received feedback that was mostly ‘satisfied’ or very satisfied which was especially pleasing and demonstrated to us that we’d got the balance of topics and speakers about right with only a few issues and opinions to take forward for next time.

After the main presentations delegates were given the opportunity to choose three of six workshops. Each workshop was designed to help delegates to pinpoint the areas of BIM to further explore and be able to choose the workshops most relevant to an individual and their direct business.

Thoroughly enjoyed the conference and workshops – they provided the opportunity to discuss topics with like-minded individuals

Again the on the whole levels of satisfaction for each workshop were high with the vast majority of delegates getting what they wanted from each of the workshop topics.

Recommendation and attendance

BIM conference 2017 feedback

Perhaps the most encouraging aspect of the delegate feedback was the fact that all those that responded said they would recommend the conference to other people. The majority of responders also stated that they would look to rebook next year. This feedback really means a lot to us and really helps us to plan ahead and make sure that next year is even more useful and informative.

The average rating from delegates for this conference was very good or excellent which again really helps us to shape another event and also makes all the hard work for this year worthwhile.

When putting the agenda together for 2017 it was important to us to try and cover as much ground as possible without spreading information too thinly so to know that we have hit the mark for most people is a great sign for us. To know that we have support for a conference next year is a great result and everything we could have hoped for.

Very informative, I was able to compile a very useful brief for the other members of our Company

Many of the comments we received about the conference were that it was very informative and this together with the online presentations now available we hope will enable others to share back at their organisations.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all delegates that provided feedback and thank everyone who came and took part in the conference. We hope that everyone enjoyed the day as much as we did and we’d love the chance to work with everyone again in the future.

We are very excited to work on next year’s event and based on learning from this year and our future plans we hope to get started on arrangements very soon. Thank you everyone and we hope to see you all again soon.