Archicad Tip Series

For six months of 2020, hundreds of design studios in the UK took advantage of GRAPHISOFT UK’s furlough your software costs programme providing free commercial use of Archicad & BIMcloud.

As part of their implementation journey, Applecore Designs released best practice advice for studios and regular tip videos. The tip videos were then released to YouTube fortnightly to help increase more Archicad users’ productivity.

Concept building materials tip

Using the “concept” building materials to create early concept and planning stage models, and models of existing buildings, quickly and efficiently.

Drawing with snap guides

Snap Guides are temporary lines and arcs that appear aligned to existing elements, to assist with accurate drawing and element placement.

Renovation statuses

When working with existing buildings, use the renovation tools filter the relevent information to the correct drawings quickly and efficiently.

Trace and reference tip

Use another floor plan, section, elevation, detail, or drawing layout sheet as a reference, to trace over the top or to compare the drawings.

Checking stair headroom

Use Archicad’s stair tool to control and display the minimum headroom clearance required, to help that the design conforms to building regs.

Construction drawings and 3D documents tip

Use 3D Documents to create dimensioned and annotated construction drawings from 3D projections in a few clicks.

Label multiple elements

Archicad includes a selection of label types to automate the display of various data across your drawing set. Set up your label types, and annotate multiple elements automatically across your drawing.

Creating a custom door leaf

Archicad’s doors include a variety of typical door leaf styles for your projects, with different panel and glazing options.

If your design has a requirement for a different style, the Archicad doors allow you to incorporate your own custom door leaf styles.

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