ARCHICAD Teamwork Exclusive Features

As the name suggests, ARCHICAD Teamwork helps a design team collaborate, allowing the team to work together to produce a Virtual Building model and associated drawings and documentation. However, there are also a number of other features and benefits that it offers over the Solo version.

ARCHICAD Teamwork exclusive features are as follows:-

BIMcloud and Teamwork

Graphisoft BIMcloud provides a platform for Teamwork projects, allowing multiple team members to work on a model and its documentation simultaneously. Unlike other systems, only changes in the project are synchronised with the BIMcloud, dramatically reducing the amount of data being transferred. By reducing the file size of these interactions, your team can work together in real-time across your network and through standard internet connections from virtually anywhere in the world.

BIMcloud also allows instant communication and task management across the design team, and various levels of access and editing rights.

Hotlink Modules

Hotlink modules provide a method to divide larger models into smaller, easier‐to‐manage subparts, and are typically used to manage the repetitive structures across a project. Identical room layouts, storeys, and house types can be linked into the host project multiple times, speeding up the modelling process. If a module changes, it’s then quick and easy to update as all instances across the project in one step.

Hotlinks can also be used in combination with the BIMcloud to enable real-time collaboration across all project files within the project.

IFC Hotlinks

IFC is a neutral file format that makes it possible to exchange information between different software systems. It is ISO-certified, and the only open and standard 3D object-oriented exchange format used by BIM.

Although both Solo and Teamwork versions of ARCHICAD can import and export IFC files, it is recommended to reference external IFC files into your ARCHICAD project. ARCHICAD Teamwork allows IFC files to be “hotlinked” into your file, keeping the IFC files’ attributes separate to yours. This helps to streamline the process of bringing in updated IFC files later in the project.


ARCHICAD Solo and ARCHICAD Teamwork both allow you to import and export 2D drawings, including DWGs and DXFs. ARCHICAD Teamwork also gives the option to reference these external drawings as Xrefs.

Xrefs provide an easy way to manage and merge consultants’ drawings into the ARCHICAD project. Modifications made by consultants can be automatically updated in the ARCHICAD project, using Trace & Reference to identify any conflicts arising from the changes. Xrefs are also very useful for attaching manufacturer drawings as standard details.

External Drawings

The layout book provides as essential workflow in taking drawings and documentation live from the model, and publishing 2D drawings. In a typical “Solo” project, these drawings are created from live views in the same model. Teamwork also allows drawings to be placed from external ARCHICAD files, allowing documentation to be fully coordinated across large projects containing multiple project files.


Cinerender is the Cinema 4D rendering engine integrated into ARCHICAD Teamwork. It provides photorealistic visualisations directly from the ARCHICAD model without the need to export or convert the project.

Network Licensing

ARCHICAD Teamwork offers further licensing options to assist with optimising use across the design team. Network licensing allows the software to be installed throughout the studio; the licences work on a concurrent basis, and a licence will only be used when a team member is connected to the NET server through ARCHICAD.

The optional licence borrow feature allows a team member to “borrow” a license temporarily to enable use of the software away from the studio, even when the licence server is not accessible. It can be borrowed with a single click and then returns back into the licence pool and the end of the duration period (if it has now been returned prior).


Twinmotion offers real-time immersive 3D architectural visualisation, and with the ARCHICAD-Twinmotion Live Connection you can edit the model in real-time, make design decisions on the fly and create breathtaking renderings quickly and easily. For architecture, construction, urban planning, and landscaping professionals, Twinmotion combines an intuitive icon-driven interface with the power of Unreal Engine.

The updated and enhanced version, Twinmotion 2020, will be available free of charge for ARCHICAD Teamwork users with a current UAS.

Comparison Chart

For a side-by-side comparison of ARCHICAD Solo and ARCHICAD Teamwork, please click here to view our comparison chart.

ARCHICAD Licensing

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