ARCHICAD – Solibri Model Checker link

The free ARCHICAD – Solibri Model Checker link adds a quick and convenient bi-directional connection between ARCHICAD and SMC.

After installing the SMC add-on in ARCHICAD, and pointing it to the SMC install folder, users can export their designs to SMC in a flash using the add-on’s menu items. Make sure Solibri is not running, then simply choose ‘Export to SMC’ from the SMC menu. ARCHICAD will start Solibri and open the model in the Checker. Solibri Model Checker link diagram 1

Once in Solibri the usual tools can be used to check and interrogate the model. The connection also enables ARCHICAD to interact with the selection basket in SMC, just select an element in ARCHICAD and use the add-on’s menu to show the selection’s properties in Solibri.

It works both ways

Once a selection is made in SMC you can match the selection in ARCHICAD using the ‘Get selection basket from SMC’ option of the add-on. This speeds up fixing issues immensely by eliminating the need for regular exports and imports while working.

Solibri Model Checker link diagram 2

Easily accessible

The add-on integrates right into ARCHICAD in the menu bar to provide easy and convenient access to its features. It also works with ARCHICAD’s built in features, so you can create your own toolbar to always have the required buttons available to you. To create one, just go to Options>Work Environment>Toolbars, Select ‘New Toolbar” under Toolbar options. Drag and drop items from the left column to include in the toolbar.

  • David Delgado Vendrell

    It sounds great. And, what about IFC creation in that internal workflow between both softwares ? Is any IFC file created in the background ?