Archicad Licence options include Subscription

GRAPHISOFT have announced a further extension to the licencing options available for Archicad.

In addition to perpetual, fixed term and rental, Applecore Designs are now offering a subscription option on both Archicad Teamwork, Archicad Solo and BIMcloud.

Which is best? The decision is entirely up to you.

“Offering a number of purchasing options means new and existing clients have the ultimate flexibility”.

GRAPHISOFT have made it clear that they will continue to offer both the existing perpetual licence model alongside the new subscription model so that customers can access the software in whichever way they choose.

Perpetual, fixed term, rental and subscription

Archicad Perpetual Licence

A perpetual licence is the traditional model used to purchase software. There is an initial cost to purchase a licence, plus an optional annual membership cost that entitles the you to upgrades and technical support. You are entitled to use the software indefinitely. Multi-licence discounts are available.

“One advantage of a Perpetual Licence is that it costs less over time. Also, if you fail to renew the software will continue to work”.

Archicad Fixed Term

This bespoke facility allows you to purchase a perpetual licence over a fixed period of two or three years, paying monthly (from £99.00 + VAT). During this period, you are entitled to upgrades and technical support. Once all payments are made, transfer of title is available for just £10.00.

Archicad Rental

This allows you to use the latest software version for a fixed period of time for a one-off fee. Durations include one month, three months, six months and twelve months.

Archicad and BIMcloud Subscription

With subscription you pay a per user fee monthly or annually. The subscription payment (from £119.00 + VAT per month) includes upgrades and technical support with automatic renewal. The key difference from a perpetual licence is that you never own the licence.

BIMcloud as a Service (BIMcloud SaaS), provides a platform for Archicad Teamwork projects, allowing multiple team members to work remotely on a model simultaneously, including its drawings and documentation in the cloud. BIMcloud SaaS is available as a monthly (£59.00 + VAT per user per month) or yearly subscription (£480.00 + VAT per user per month), is a hosted solution by GRAPHISOFT including project storage.

“However, it does cost more over time and if you fail to renew the software will stop working all together. That is where our fixed term agreement come in”.

For further information, please telephone our offices on 0121 447 7747 (Birmingham) or  020 7734 1837 (London) or email our sales team