Archicad 24 and NBS Chorus ‘Small Works’

NBS Chorus is a cloud-based platform, that allows building industry professionals to create specifications. NBS Chorus for Small Works is a brand-new package created specifically for architects, engineers and designers who write specifications for smaller works and projects.

NBS Chorus - Small Works

Providing you have an internet connection and web browser, NBS Chorus will work on any capable device, including Apple Mac. It also includes all of the powerful features readily available with a subscription to NBS Chorus, but with a new specially-selected library of content in a cost-effective package for small works.

Collaborate with your whole team, all via the web – multiple users across different offices and locations can develop specifications together, making instant updates. The innovative specification notes feature enables you to record all of your project decisions directly in your specification as it’s developed.

“NBS users’ request to update the feature to work on Macs has now been fully integrated into an Archicad and NBS environment. After some excellent collaborative software development work and user testing, it’s now fantastic to be able to deliver this to our joint customers.”

NBS Chorus for small works comes with a specially-selected set of NBS content, covering all the areas typically needed for smaller or less technically complex projects.

NBS Chorus can connect to Archicad 24 Solo and Teamwork, so you can develop your model and specification in parallel. The add-on allows users to build models and specifications together in the Archicad environment, reducing risk, improving productivity and increasing quality assurance on projects.

To use NBS Chorus with Archicad you will need to first install the NBS Chorus Connect Add-on which can be found on the UAS exclusive downloads page and is available for both PC and Mac.