ARCHICAD 22 Solo announced

Based on the award-winning model based design and BIM authoring software, ARCHICAD Teamwork, ARCHICAD Solo is aimed at individual practitioners and micro design studios.

The latest version ARCHICAD 22 Solo scheduled to be released on 6 August 2018 provides powerful advantages over 2D CAD solutions – operating on a building focused, 3D model-based design workflow.

solo renovation

ARCHICAD’s Virtual Building™ technology, stores all the information about your project in a central database from which the drawings and documentation are quickly and efficiently produced.

This intelligent model-based workflow can be used for new construction, renovation and retrofit projects allowing automated, fully coordinated and accurate documentation while reducing errors from design changes.

“ARCHICAD 22 Solo delivers cutting edge technology. The intuitive and responsive set of tools building designers need are all there and easy to use” said Scott Berry, Managing Director, Applecore Designs.

solo cutaway

A full 64-bit application on Mac and PC platforms with multi-processor support for optimum performance ARCHICAD’s background processing, optimised scaling of multiple-core CPUs, and an improved central graphics unit results in optimised performance and navigation.

ArchiCAD 22 Solo includes all the modelling capabilities of Teamwork such as Morph, Shell, multiplane roof, complex profiles as well sketch rendering, publisher, 3D documents/cutaways and the renovation workflow.

“GRAPHISOFT have developed ARCHICAD 22 Solo to simplify the implementation and affordability of model based design for individuals. Studios that require multiple seats will be better off with the full version offering Teamwork, Cinema 4D rendering, network licencing and BIMcloud capability”

solo mobileThe omission of high-end rendering could be easily rectified with the purchase of the Abvent’s Artlantis, which costs from £395.00 + VAT and integrates well with ARCHICAD.

However, more and more users are utilising the built in model sharing capability called BIM Explorer (BIMx), which allows for the distribution of models to mobile devices for high end presentations to clients via the free BIMx .app.

To take advantage of the entire range of ARCHICAD features and benefits, you can upgrade at any time to the full Teamwork version with all money paid for Solo discounted off the full copy of Teamwork.

Packages for Solo start from £1,885.00 + VAT or £89.00 + VAT per month which includes a perpetual soft licence, energy evaluation, a range of 2D detailing objects (roof tiles, brick and block, etc), a localised template and a minimum of 12 months service agreement for upgrades and support.

Bundles with recommended training, PC or Mac workstations and the MEP add-on are also available.

For more information on ARCHICAD 22 Solo please visit our store or contact our offices on 0121 447 7747