Finance for a fixed term

Applecore Designs fixed term finance agreement offers many advantages over an outright cash purchase and is a very cost-effective way to invest in business equipment. We are also backed by the largest independent funding house in the UK for B2B equipment leasing with facilities tailored to your needs.

A number of our customers are now using this method of investment when implementing software and updating their IT.

Benefits include

Pay as you earn
Leasing your equipment means you can enjoy the use of the equipment immediately without having to find the full sum up front.

Keep up to date
Your studio will be upgraded to the latest software versions throughout the fixed term period.

Cash flow
Using leasing protects your cash flow and allows you to budget more accurately.

Tax deductible
Offset 100% of the rental payments against your tax liability to maximise tax efficiency.

Fixed payments
Finance lease rental payments are fixed which makes budgeting easier.

Protect existing lines of credit
Using leasing allows you to protect existing lines of credit such as bank loans and overdrafts.

Fixed Term Finance Tax Relief

Frequently asked questions about our fixed term finance

Do my payments increase if inflation or interest rates rise?

No. Your monthly payment is fixed at the start of the lease and so is unaffected by interest rate rises.

How do I make my payments?

Direct Debit is the preferred method of repayment with the money being released on the same date each month or quarter for the duration of the term. Quarterly payment options are also available.

Will I need to find a sizable deposit?

A nominal amount (normally the equivalent of 1 monthly payment or small deposit) is generally all that is needed in advance of an agreement. This small cash outlay means you can have the latest technology and start to enjoy the extra profits this generates before your next payment is due.

Applecore Designs Limited is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Reference number: 732374) for certain types of consumer credit lending and credit related activities.