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In today’s environment, sustainability is imperative for all building projects with 80% of the design decisions that influence a building’s energy performance made during the early concept phase.

EcoDesigner STAR is built to serve highly energy-efficient building design by turning ARCHICAD Building Information Models (BIM) into multiple thermal zone Building Energy Models (BEM).

Integrated performance analysis

ARCHICAD’s integrated energy evaluation tool enable dynamic and accurate building performance analysis including energy consumption, carbon footprint and monthly energy balance.

EcoDesigner Star energy evaluation

Evaluation for any climate or location

EcoDesigner STAR utilises a custom dynamic building simulation, which can be used to precisely evaluate building energy performance in any climate or location.

EcoDesigner Star helps the environment

Thermal blocks

Zone-based calculations and intelligent building materials ensure the use of correct thermal properties for building elements throughout the model. ARCHICAD zones are grouped according to orientation, occupancy and used building systems into thermal blocks, which are necessary to perform high-accuracy energy simulations.

EcoDesigner Star zone-based calculations

Thermal bridge simulation

EcoDesigner STAR performs thermal bridge analysis on any detail in seconds, to identify parts of the building that are responsible for heat-loss and possible vapour condensation.

EcoDesigner Star thermal bridge analysis

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