Simple Zone Stamp

visit-storeFollowing the release of ARCHICAD 20, we are making a number of improvements and compatibility updates to our ARCHICAD object libraries.

Due to changes to how objects can store “global” parameters, it is recommended to check the compatibility of your objects with version 20. The Applecore Simple Zone Stamp object has now been updated, taking into account the above changes, as well as some new features.


zone_propertiesThe list of available fields has now been expanded, following ARCHICAD 20’s new element properties. The Simple Zone Stamp now includes options to display element properties, and data from the Project Info and Autotext fields. To assist in maintaining consistency, the names of the IFC properties and element properties can also be included, and will therefore not need to be retyped.

To find these fields easily, the drop-down lists have been rearranged hierarchically, and grouped by type. Each zone stamp can now also display up to 20 rows of text fields (compared to 10 rows in previous versions).


Predefined Zone Names

zone_presetnamesA new drop-down list has been added to the Zone Name/Room Name field, with predefined names to select. These are categorised into separate domestic, commercial, educational and healthcare lists. Simply select the category type in the list, and the relevant names will be displayed for you to choose from.

The predefined names are stored in text (.txt) files, so you can customise these to your own studio’s standards and include your own lists of names to select within the zones.

The list will also remember any recent names that you have manually typed in, which do not already appear in the current list of presets.


Two Column Option

zone_columnsThe Simple Zone Stamp now includes an option to display data in two columns, allowing you to add names or headers in the first column.

Each column has its their own separate settings for text alignment and widths.

The new display settings also take into account existing text wrapping and anchor position options.




 Text Symbol

In addition to the updated Zone Stamp, we have released a simple text object with matching display settings. This allows you to add a simple text string to a project, with the same anchor, text wrap, frame and background options as the Simple Zone Stamp.

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