Rich Text and Object updates

As of ARCHICAD 22, objects types that contain editable text (such as labels, zone stamps and drawing titles) now use the same rich text controls as the text and dimension tools.

Applecore Designs has therefore updated its zone stamp and drawing title objects to use the new unified text settings, for ease of use and consistency. It also means you can use your text favourites with our objects from now on.

Text Settings

See below for our ARCHICAD 22 updates. If you have previously downloaded one of these objects, you should automatically receive the updated versions.

Simple Zone Stamp and Global Zone Stamp

Our zone stamps have been updated to use the unified rich text settings, so you can now use your text favourites with the zones. Overrides are also available within the settings pages to fine-tune where necessary.

The Global Zone Stamp has also been updated so that it can display IFC data as required. The available IFC fields are maintained in a separate .txt file so that you can control which fields are displayed in the Model View Options. (The Simple Zone Stamp already includes IFC options.)

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Zone Preset Editor

Our zone stamps use separate .txt files to create some of the drop-down lists, which you can edit. The Zone Preset Editor is a new tool to assist in updating these text files.

Using this free Zone Preset Editor tool, you can quickly and easily update the drop-down lists of predefined zone names, and to enable IFC fields in the Global Zone Stamp, while avoiding manually opening and editing the text files.

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IFC Editor

UKI Drawing Title

In addition to the unified text settings, the updated UKI Drawing Title now includes a completely new interface with easy to use controls for the scale bar and title itself. We have also introduced new options to display the scale bar only, to position the scale bar relative to the layout sheet, and options to include Project Info data in the drawing title text.

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Drawing Title