Rhino, Grasshopper and ARCHICAD connection for PC and Mac

Rhino – Grasshopper – ARCHICAD connection for PC and Mac is more than an interoperability package developed by GRAPHISOFT. It fills a gap in the design process between early stage design and building information modeling. It offers tools for seamless bi-directional geometry transfer as well as a way to translate basic geometrical shapes into full BIM elements while adding algorithmic editing functionality.

 Rhino – Connection

A pair of already-available Export/Import add-ons that read and write Rhino’s native format (.3dm) on the ARCHICAD side. With the help of these extensions users are able to develop a “reference model” workflow between the two applications where the file format of the model exchange is Rhino’s native 3dm.

The Export Add-on enables users to pass on the geometry of a model produced in ARCHICAD to Rhino efficiently. Users can choose between different standard methods of model representations to fit the purpose of the model transfer.

The Import Add-on enables users to pass on a model created in Rhino to ARCHICAD. The imported model will appear as GDL object maintaining the logical build up of the original Rhino model.

Rhino connectionGrasshopper – Connection

A pair of add-ons working together to link Rhino/Grasshopper with ARCHICAD dynamically. The connection provides a unique design workflow where the strengths of each application is complementing each other regardless of the actual stage of the design process.

The tool converts any Rhino/Grasshopper design geometry directly into BIM construction elements by using Grasshopper’s interface while maintaining the algorithmic design control.

It operates through a live connection where the visual algorithmic editing capabilities of Grasshopper can be applied directly on predefined ARCHICAD construction elements, 2D-3D geometrical elements and their parameters.

Due to the dynamic link any elements (basic geometrical shapes or full BIM components) originating from any of the three work environments (RH, GH, AC) could be stored or referenced in the algorithmic design script.

“We’re pleased to offer this revolutionary algorithmic design-to-BIM workflow to our Mac users as well,” said Peter Temesvari, Director of Product Management, GRAPHISOFT. “The most popular algorithmic design solution, combined with the best architectural BIM solution, running on designers’ most popular platform, ensures the best design experience possible.”

To download the free Grasshopper-ARCHICAD Live Connection plug-in for ARCHICAD 20 on Mac OS and Windows, please click here.