Project Hollycroft Utilising BIM for Renovation Parts 1-5

“The refurbishment and renovation sector now represents almost half of the total building work carried out within the United Kingdom. This market is predicted to rise from £43bn last year to £46bn in 2013.”

Based on our recent market research over 86% of building design professionals currently have projects working with existing buildings. To find out more about GRAPHISOFT® ‘s renovation, refurbishment and retrofit workflow and how it can revolutionise your current working practices, we hosted and recorded a series of short 30 minute online webinars.

By viewing these short videos you will learn how:-

  • a BIM model and workflow can be used on existing buildings.
  • /BIM can represent different statuses of a renovation project.
  • documents generated from the model are fully co-ordinated.
  • simple it is to create a door, window or room schedules.
  • to retrofit an existing property to improve it’s thermal performance


Part One:
Modelling the Existing Building
This first session demonstrates and illustrates the techniques and tools used in modelling the existing building.



Part Two:
Renovating the Existing Building
This session looks a design brief to extend the existing building, modelling the new construction, and applying renovation statuses and filters.



Part Three:
Documentation, Coordination and Communication
This session looks at co-ordinated documentation utilising the project navigator and interactive methods of presentation.



Part Four:
Scheduling the BIM Data
Following the success of the first three sessions held late in 2012, this session extends the series by examining how the data can be scheduled from the model.



Part Five:
Retrofit and Building Performance
The final session concludes the series by examining how the building can be analysed and updated to improve building performance and reduce running costs.