BIM are you ready Part 5: Preparing ARCHICAD for COBie

When it comes to preparing model data and exporting to COBie, ARCHICAD users can guarantee that the resulting COBie file will be 100% accurate. Not just Graphisoft’s say so, but confirmed in the buildingSMART alliance documents challenge which reported in 2014 that ARCHICAD 17 fulfilled 100% of the COBie requirements.

And before this, in 2013, ARCHICAD was the first architectural software to win certification for IFC 2×3 Co- ordination View version 2.0 import and export – enabling users of the software to support Co-ordination View and Basic FM Handover View – the two most important IFC standards for OPEN BIM-based data exchange.

ARCHICAD’s BIM quality models and IFC data exchange capabilities are able to prepare and produce data output that is easily converted into COBie documentation – and vice versa – with the help of the COBie Responsibility Matrix document.  This document defines the mapping rules between the IFC file (the MVD subset of the Basic FM Handover View Definition) and the COBie spreadsheet -and which IFC entity types are allowed to be converted to COBie component and Type entities.

preparing model data

The Basic FM Handover View Definition (MVD or Model View Definition), using the ERDC COBie Toolkit which includes the transformer tool and the mapping configurations, picks these up from the architectural model and/or its elements. Besides the Owner history data, it selects information from the all appropriate data types including IFC attributes, Properties, classification reference data, Type Product entities, Zone assignments, System assignments, Base quantities, Space containment relation and space boundary relation.

There are a couple of other things that have to be considered – which fields have to be filled out at the element level (In the Element Settings dialogue boxes) and the project hierarchy level (in IFC Manager), and the scheme which is to be used for setting up COBie files – reflecting the fact that different countries use different classification standards – e,g. the aforementioned Uniclass for the UK, and Omniclass for the USA.

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Excerpts from BIM Are you Ready? a CAD User publication, in association with Graphisoft.