GRAPHISOFT Young Architect Programme (YAP)

YAP - young architect programme

Recognising a need to provide architectural design students with the tools they need to enrich their academic curriculum, GRAPHISOFT, have for many years made available free of charge to under-graduate students  the fully functional education version of ARCHICAD.

Following on from this academic use, GRAPHISOFT has set out an enhanced programme, dedicated for young architects and recently qualified professionals. The GRAPHISOFT Young Architect Programme (YAP) is intended to help employees, employers and new start businesses take their first steps into adopting a BIM process, using the tried and tested ARCHICAD Teamwork, as a commercial user.

1. Who is eligible to take advantage of the Young Architect Programme?

Students, who are registered and approved on the myarchicad educational website are eligible for the Young Architect Programme. For students not approved on this website, a proof of graduation or qualification from the last three years will be required.

2. Which software versions are available?

ARCHICAD Teamwork and Artlantis Studio are both available.

3. What sort of commercial discount can I expect?

Currently, there is a 20% saving on the first licence price of ARCHICAD Teamwork and 30% saving on Artlantis Studio. The offer is not applicable to any service contract or UAS membership fees.

4. Who can purchase a licence under the Young Architect Programme?

Young architects are able to purchase a licence as individuals, or through their employer company, however transferring these rights is not allowed to a third person. There is only one transaction per person allowed to take advantage of this offer.

5. What are the next steps?

Please register your interest by telephoning our office on 0121 447 7747 or email here