Clients love our Architect Coffee

At Applecore Designs we love our coffee so much so that we commissioned Limini, specialists in coffee sourcing, to develop our own personalised blend, which we have named Architect.

Our Architect Coffee is a delicious mild blend with overtones of chocolate and nuts, made using beans sourced from Medellin in Colombia. Colombian coffee has long had a status as some of the world’s finest and most-well known and has held such a reputation for centuries.

architect coffee

Colombia coffee has exceptional aromas and a smooth finish. Mainly as it grows in volcanic soil at high altitudes with plenty of rain – an exceptional setting for the arabica beans – considered as the superior coffee bean – with a sweeter taste, less caffeine and a richer cup.

Medellin is Colombia’s second-largest city and is located in the Aburra Valley in the Andes, just a hop, step and a jump from the so-called Coffee Triangle. In this region of Colombia conditions are perfect for growing coffee plants: high altitudes, volcanic soil, heavy rainfall of at least 80 inches a year and a frost-free climate.

“For the price of a cup of coffee per day you can use ARCHICAD, the leading model based design and BIM authoring tool for building designers”

Colombia is the third-largest grower of coffee in the world exporting well over 10 million bags of coffee annually and when it comes to coffee Colombians know what they’re doing.

Architect Coffee

Architects as a group are highly partial to coffee, to the point where the association between the two has become something of a cliché.

“Nice Coffee, clever idea”

What is it about coffee that makes it the drink of choice for so many? Could it be the energy boost that coffee provides to stay focused on your design project?

There’s nothing like a hot cup of strong coffee to help you get going in the morning. Get your creative juices flowing, your head spilling over with ideas and your creativity in overdrive.

ARCHICAD Architects and Coffee

Applecore Designs has long had a reputation for implementing model-based design to studios across the UK. When it comes to architectural design software, we know what we’re doing too.

“[ahr-ki-tekt]; noun. a person who when powered by ARCHICAD and coffee designs great buildings”

Our “ARCHICAD – for the price of a cup of coffee” campaign has been very well received. From just £3.25 per day or a large caffè latte you can use the leading model-based design and BIM authoring tool.

ARCHICAD available natively on PC and Mac provides powerful advantages over many other solutions on the market operating on a building focused, 3D model-based design workflow for new construction, renovation and retrofit projects.