BIMcloud and BIMcloud Basic

BIMcloud enables real-time, secure teamwork for multiple designers to work on a model and documentation simultaneously, regardless of the project size and the location of the design studios. The new installation sees the two versions branded together – “BIMcloud” and “BIMcloud Basic”, compared to “BIMcloud” and “BIM Server” for previous versions.

BIMcloud Basic (previously BIM Server) is a free version of BIMcloud for use on a local server in your design studio, whereas the full version of BIMcloud is available as a service, so you don’t need your own infrastructure, and can enjoy all the benefits without the hassle of server administration.

The closer relationship between the two versions makes it easier to upgrade or downgrade as required, whereas in previous versions there were separate installers. BIMcloud is compatible with ARCHICAD Teamwork versions 19 onward, and the same installer of BIMcloud is used whichever version of ARCHICAD you are using. Each installation of BIMcloud Basic will support one version of ARCHICAD, which you can select during installation. An installation of the full version of BIMcloud can support multiple versions of ARCHICAD.

Further benefits of the full versions are outlined below.

New Features

The automatic reservation assistant is a new feature introduced in ARCHICAD 22 for BIMcloud users. It means that it is no longer necessary to reserve an element in advance before editing; modifying it in any way will trigger automatic reservation. All previous reservation methods are still available in BIMcloud Basic.

Libraries are organised as a separate folder but within the projects section of the Manager’s interface. The full BIMcloud additionally allows organisation of project files into subfolders. BIMcloud Basic still offers folders for individual projects in the same way as in BIM Server, but without subfolders being available.

Users and Roles

Users and roles are also configured the same way in BIMcloud Basic as in BIM Server. You can assign a role to each user to control user access rights within a project, or globally across all projects. The roles in BIMcloud control access to the management side of the BIMcloud itself, in addition to the functions within Teamwork. BIMcloud Basic has a general drop-down option to control who is a “server administrator”, as in previous versions.

Feature Comparison

  BIMcloud Basic BIMcloud
Real-time team collaboration
Role-based user management
Works on desktop hardware and software
Browser management interface
High tolerance for low bandwidth
Remote access via standard HTTP protocol
HTTPS compatibility to secure the server connection
Supports multiple ARCHICAD versions in a single BIMcloud
Organise project files into subfolders
Automatic reservation assistant
BIMx PRO integration for real-time messaging on mobile devices
Organisation of users into groups
Role-based server management
Central user management (LDAP Integration)
Optimised for multiple office setup
Supports project access on multiple servers
Multi-site optimized delta cache
Scaling of server resources
Server resource monitoring
Automated server back-ups


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