BIM are you ready Part 2: BIM Level 2

The BIM Level 2 deadline relates to all public sector projects, irrespective of whether departments that don’t commence until after the deadline or that may not be ready to procure by that date. Architects, contractors and sub-contractors – and all other supply chain members – must prove they have the capability and can commence to deliver Level 2 processes.

Level 1: The traditional paper based process with CAD drawings

Level 2: Separate disciplines, architects, structural engineers, etc., create their own 3D models, but all project data is shared electronically in a Common Environment.

Level 3: A full, open and integrated process with models shared between members of the project team in a web-enabled BIM hub. Few companies are attempting this level of collaboration and, at the time of writing, the standards do not yet exist.

Defining BIM Level 2 further – it comprises a federated Building Information Model, 2D contract documentation – drawings and other documents derived from the model, a structure for sharing asset information and the use of a Common Data Environment. It also comprises standards and processes as defined by BS/PAS 1992, the CIC (Construction Industry Council ) Suite of Documents to be used for BIM Level 2, Government Soft Landings and the emerging Digital Plan of Work which has been set up to validate and define the level of information and detail required, and Uniclass 2015.

BIM level 2

So that the information being gathered together would be consistent and readily available to anyone in either of the industries, a set of standards, codes and formats has been set up – PAS 1192, etc.

Information should be made available in Level 2 in three key formats. The first, of course, is the actual 3D Building Model. The second is the complete range of 2D drawings and reviewable design deliverables derived from the 3D model, which are used in conjunction with the third, and target format – COBie data files.

BIM are you ready?

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Excerpts from BIM Are you Ready? a CAD User publication, in association with Graphisoft.