ARCHICAD & Solibri Model Checker Bundle Offer

The release of the free ARCHICAD – Solibri Model Checker Link add-on earlier in the year introduced a quick and convenient bi-directional connection between ARCHICAD and Solibri Model Checker. Our ARCHICAD & Solibri Model Checker bundle, along with the add-on’s direct connection, allows “best-in-class” integration between ARCHICAD’s model authoring and Solibri’s model validation solutions.

Design and Validation

After installing the add-on, the building model is transferred from ARCHICAD to Solibri Model Checker with just one click. The exported models can be analysed in Solibri Model Checker and verified against various rulesets, not just for clash detection, but also to check the quality of the model, identify missing information, check accessibility, and other rules defined by the user. These issues will also be graded based on their severity.

The bi-directional nature of the connection makes it easier to select identified elements in ARCHICAD, simply by sending Solibri’s selection basket back to ARCHICAD. The elements can then be directly edited to resolve potential conflicts, making interoperability and quality control very efficient.

Solibri Model Checker bundle

Bundle Offer

In order to take advantage of both tools for a full building modelling and validation solution, we are happy to announce our new software bundle. Until Tuesday 31st October 2017, we are offering a £1,000 discount when ordering a new licence of ARCHICAD and Solibri Model Checker together. Multi-licence discounts also apply.

For more information or for a quotation, please call our office on 0121 447 7747 or get in touch using the contact form opposite.