New Applecore Template for ARCHICAD 23

Following the release of ARCHICAD 23, Applecore Designs has updated its template file.

A template is a read-only file that acts as a starting point for your project. It contains all project preference settings, attributes, default tool settings, and any placed elements such as section and elevation lines.

ARCHICAD is shipped with a template file, located in the Defaults folder, and the UKI localised version of ARCHICAD includes a UKI specific template. We recommend that studios create their own project templates suited to their own specific requirements in order to work efficiently and automate workflow, which can be done by customising an existing template. Having a well-structured template can dramatically speed up the modelling and documentation processes in ARCHICAD.

ARCHICAD 23 UKI Template

ISO 19650-1/2The UKI template was developed by GRAPHISOFT UK to create an out-of-the-box template that works in line with recognised UK BIM standards, protocols and workflows. These standards include PD 19650, ISO 19650-1/2, BS 8541 1-2:2012, ISO 13567-2:2002, Uniclass2015, and the AEC (UK) BIM Protocol for ARCHICAD.

This template includes a UK IFC Schema to make project delivery more consistent in terms of data and deliver better IFC and Open BIM approaches. It will also assist in improving IFC exchange by configuring a number of areas for the user and seek to make COBie-UK-2012 an in-built standard for all its users.

For more information on the UKI template, refer to the ARCHICAD 23 Template Guide (Help > Documentation).


Applecore Designs Template

New Project - TemplateThe Applecore Designs template for ARCHICAD 23 is closely related to the standard UKI template. However, there are a number of improvements where we aim to assist studios using the latest version. The main areas where changes have been made include:

  • Default tabs are set to show all layers, and a high level of detail, ensuring a full and consistent display across the open tabs.
  • Tools’ default settings are set to design concept or planning stage structure types.
  • Consistency between favourites and tools’ default settings.
  • Replaced any references to missing attributes or properties.
  • Additional fill patterns for consistent surface cover fills.
  • Default pens numbers according to the default pen set structure.
  • Enabled stair pitch rule.
  • Air space and insulation materials correctly classified conditional parameters.

Our updated template is available with our training and implementation packages. For more information, please contact us on 0121 447 7747 or using the form opposite.


A standard generic template should be considered a starting point for your own studio’s project templates, which would be further customised based on your projects and requirements.

As well as inputting information on your studio and creating your title blocks, you may wish to customise the attributes and settings to fine tune them for your own work. This could include, but is not limited to, amending the list of layers, adding your own materials and composite structures, and adjusting the appearance of Views to control your drawing output.

If you need any assistance with further customisation, take a look at our consultancy services or contact us.