Applecore Designs has developed corebadges, a way to keep track of your learning and development in a number of areas, and communicate your achievements as your progress.


Whereas training courses may issue a certificate of attendance, these virtual badges keep a record of milestones as you progress and verify your skills and expertise.

Not only can you keep track of any formal training you have completed, but you can also keep a record of key skills that you have achieved and identify other areas for further study.

The corebadges can be awarded for a number of areas, including BIM authoring, office standards and template development, communication and BIM or information management, as well as by attending various educational events, and may be used as evidence towards continued professional development (CPD).


These corebadges verify your new skills based on various methods of assessment, and can be communicated to your colleagues.

Stand out by having your skills verified by professionals, and share your achievements on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Earning corebadges

Badges can be earned through a mixture of formal training courses, consultancy, online tests, project submission, and by attending various educational events.