As your Authorised Training Centre, Applecore Designs has developed training, consultancy and project clinics aimed to assist users of all abilities.

You and your team can gain the correct skills more quickly and ultimately each a higher level of productivity faster with our specialist product trainers and consultants.


Searching through manuals can be a slow and frustrating way of learning, but with our flexible hands-on learning options, you and your staff can gain better skills more quickly and ultimately reach a higher level of productivity. We can help you get started with your software, as well as get to grips with more advanced features, with courses designed for new, intermediate and more advanced users of ARCHICAD.

ARCHICAD Pilot Projects include a mixture of hands-on learning, assessment, analysis, template creation, and use of licenced software to help you get started as quickly as possible.

Project Templates

In ensuring efficiency and consistency throughout the design team, having a good project template is essential. Applecore Designs can assist studios in developing ARCHICAD project templates to their own specification, either during implementation or through further consultancy, to assist from conceptual modelling stages to handover. We can also maintain and update existing ARCHICAD templates for the latest version.

A bespoke template can reduce the time taken in producing a building model, scheduled information, and creating drawing output, while reducing repetitive tasks.


Our specialists can provide ongoing consultancy to help you and your studio to work more efficiently and get the best out of your software.

With our Project Clinic, we can analyse your current projects and workflows, provide project specific training, and enhance your project templates for the smooth running of your BIM tools.

Object Development

In addition to ARCHICAD’s parametric object library, Applecore Designs’ own libraries are designed to help model, draw and document ARCHICAD projects.

Our in-house team also specialises in the development of bespoke ARCHICAD and IFC objects. Whether you are a design studio or manufacturer with a requirement for 3D objects or “BIM objects”, please get in contact to see how we can help you.

For more information, please contact us on +44 (0) 121 447 7788 or by using the contact form opposite.